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Delegating tasks is a huge part of the overall part of task management, and you should never underestimate just how big a task it can be to accomplish and to get right. It takes a lot of steel and nerves to do it right, but you’ll usually find yourself in a bit of a nightmare when you try and do this the first few times – it’s only fight that when you first start delegating that you need to experiment, and even make some mistakes to learn the right way of doing things.

Instead, the main benefit that you can get in task management through delegation is being able to learn more about other people – so long as your plans and theories are sound, it’s down to the implementation of the people that are assigned to the job as much as anything else!

Therefore, you need to start looking into task management plans and theories in a new way and this involves doing all of the following when trying to plan out how to delegate tasks:

  • Look into the relative performance records and backgrounds of each candidate. How good are they? Do their stats back up their qualities within the team? Make sure that everyone who is delegated a job can be trusted to be dedicated and determined at all times, helping you hit the right notes as you move forward as a group;
  • Never be afraid to use software – for example, task management with Kanban or something similar is far more useful than it can be if you just rely on your mind. Kanban is a key part of many businesses form of task management as it allows for easier delegation through its litany of features, easy access, and user-friendly style;
  • Always look into things such as professional skills and talents for each and every member of staff who takes on something. They need to be good at something and have a genuine specialty skill otherwise someone else is a more deserving candidate or being delegated to, in our opinion. You might find that the best deserving candidate was hidden all along, yet comes with a key need or skill that can be used within the service for the benefit of everyone;
  • Delegate tasks in a polite and caring manner – barking instructions like a police chief endears you to nobody and gets you very little in the way of response from your team. Don’t let this become a big problem for you in the future, and instead look into how you can positively motivate everyone using a style and a format of communication that works with each member of staff. Delegation is so much easier when you treat your staff as people, not peons.

The most important aspect of any kind of task management, though, is about being able to deliver the tasks in the right order. Don’t have two conflicting skillsets working together in the one place at the same time; manage jobs chronologically with task management to benefit.

Free Task Management with Kanban Template

This Task Management Template will help you to manage better your team’s tasks, by showing you what everyone have to do, what are the priorities, what’s on time, what’s late and who are the bottlenecks of your goals.

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