Basic Concepts: Bug Tracking

Bug tracking is one of the most commonly used processes in software development. It’s mainly used by developers/programmers responsible for assuring the quality of a project/process in order to keep track of any occurring software problems and subsequent solutions applied to them.

bug tracking system (also known as a defect tracking system) is essentially a software application that’ll help to keep track of all the reported software bugs in all your software development projects.

This type of system is normally adopted with the goal of storing and centralizing all the information about reported bugs and glitches in your system. Using this type of issue-tracking system – such as Pipefy’s Bug Tracking Template – provides your staff with a clear overview of all your development requests and their corresponding execution status.

Using this system is normally contemplated as one of the necessary components of any efficient software development structure. Also, consistent use of bug tracking processes is known as one of the hallmarks of a good software team (according to Joel Spolsky in his article “12 Steps to Better Code”).

Bug Tracking process explained:

The goal of using of a simplified bug tracking system is to enable users to enter bug reports directly into software that’ll record and track their status. Correct and regular use of this kind of software allows your team not only to track bugs, it also provides management with a record of the software team’s effectiveness.

A good bug tracking system will have a database in which all of the details and facts pertinent to each bug will be recorded – such as the time the user reported the bug, who reported it, the bug’s priority, what was the incorrect behavior observed, details on how to proceed in order to recreate the conditions in which it occurred and how was it fixed.

Bug Tracking with Pipefy:

If you’re looking for a simple and intuitive way to start tracking your bugs, try Pipefy! We help companies keep organized and more productive by running their processes and day-by-day routines on an easy and intuitive tool.

Pipefy’s Bug Tracking template offers you with the structure you need to report, prioritize and track all your bugs in a centralized, easy to use platform. It keeps all your reported bugs organized and helps you classify and prioritize them.

It comes with a detailed start form to allow your team to properly report all the details of the bug: the time it was reported, it’s severity, where it happened and a complete method to evaluate its impacts on the user experience and your business goals.

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