Bug Tracking Template

Use this step-by-step template to easily track and quickly manage all bugs that need to be fixed

How this template will make your work easier

This is why thousands of companies are choosing Pipefy


Enforce accountability

Assign new bugs to be resolved to specific team members, keep up with their work and set due dates to ensure everything will get done on time.


Automate communication

Set automation rules and send emails and notifications to keep your team in the loop when a bug is created, updated or fixed.


Stay on top of priorities

Fully visualize everything that’s being worked on, easily identify bottlenecks ahead of time and build an error-proof operation.

Every step to track bugs quickly and resolve them efficiently

From identification to validation, Pipefy makes sure your team acts smart and fast



Ih this phase, the team will record the details of the bug, evaluate the impact on users and define the resolution priority.



Bug Backlog

The bugs awaiting to be queued for correction. Depending on their priority, they can be resolved right away or remain in the backlog until they’re prioritized.




The prioritized bugs awaiting to be resolved arrive here. Assign responsible and set SLA rules to control how long they spend on the queue.




All bugs awaiting QA validation live here. Define who will perform the validation, assign them and make sure everything is good to go.


Start managing your Bug Fixing Process with Pipefy today

You’ll be in great company

Companies of all sizes around the world trust Pipefy to help them streamline and take control over their processes. This is one successful story:

American Subsidiary of Global Bank

Uses Pipefy to onboard customers and vendors and plan sprints.

Why they chose Pipefy:

  • To have clearly defined owners and the required information for each step;
  • To remove the manual errors that existed in previous processes;
  • To make sure all parties can easily review statuses and receive automated notifications.

Companies that reap the benefits of implementing Pipefy:


Integrate Pipefy with your favorite tools and apps

Easily enable native apps like Slack, GitHub and Google Hangouts and integrate with hundreds of other tools via Zapier. Or, if you prefer, access our public API, that uses GraphQL data query language that is flexible and returns predictable results.

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Start managing your Bug Fixing Process with Pipefy today