Pipefy Customer Case Study: Festka


Find out how Czech Republic’s custom handmade bicycle maker Festka optimized their production line processes with Pipefy

Pipefy fit the bill and came at the right moment, it was there and it was functioning very smoothly from the get-go.

Festka is a small company from Prague, Czech Republic, that makes custom high-quality bicycles. Even though they still qualify as a small company, Festka has grown quite impressively since it was founded 6 years ago.

Their production is mainly artisanal and all bikes are handmade. However, due to the growth Festka has experienced over the last couple of years, they needed a tool that allowed to track their production more smoothly, ensuring no information is lost between the production steps.

They’ve found in Pipefy a solution to manage their production line and optimize the processes in their workshop. According to Ondřej Novotný, Festka’s Executive Manager:

The main reason for implementing Pipefy is to make sure everything is on track and on time, there isn’t any information slipping through the cracks, production is running smoothly and we don’t loose time between production steps.

Festka and Pipefy:

Before they adopted Pipefy to help manage their activities, Festka relied mostly on online spreadsheets, whiteboards, and the old-fashioned duo of pencil and paper. They had trouble visualizing their entire workflow and couldn’t find a tool with good UI that made their process management easy – until they’ve found Pipefy.

Adopting a software wasn’t a decision that came lightly, though. They’ve been considering adopting a software to manage their production for over two years.

Pipefy allowed Festka to manage their entire commercial process from the sales all through the production of their handmade bikes.

Pipefy fit the bill and came at the right moment, it was there and it was functioning very smoothly from the get go.

Festka needed a software that offered a simple interface with just the necessary information for each step of the production. They also needed a tool that allowed users to interact with the information without too much effort.

Our priorities are really different and we actually spent a lot of time trying to find a solution that fit all our priorities. We spend a lot of time by the computer, so using an online tools is not a big deal for us, but when you are in the production you need something really simple, as moving the cards forward, and displaying the information we needed for the production.

How this success story started…

According to Ondřej, implementing Pipefy wasn’t a painful job that didn’t take over a day.

We set up the cases that we already had and we’ve being growing and fine tuning it, but overall it was pretty simple to implement it and run it inside the company.

Festka relies on many of Pipefy’s features to help organize their production, such as labels that allow them to filter the bikes by material (they currently produce their handmade bikes with 4 different materials: carbon, carbon-titanium, titanium, and steel), information database and email templates to automate their communication.

The executive manager affirms that Pipefy has helped them improve the transparency by giving a better overview of their processes.

So far it helped us to have a better overview and see what is delayed or on time on the production and keep track of our bike production.

  • Interviewee: Ondřej Novotný, Executive Manager
  • Company based in: Prague, Czech Republic
  • Using Pipefy since: November, 2015

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