Hiring Process Improvements

The hiring process is one of the most important processes in any business. It will determine which building blocks you use to further your company ahead, so why use strategies in your process that could leave you with weak building material when you can use these tips to improve your hiring process?

How to improve your hiring process?

First, begin your hiring process at the right time. This is a lot like studying for finals, everyone knows they shouldn’t just cram the night before, it takes time to study weeks and weeks before the testing date to get the results you would like. The same is true of your hiring process, you need to be actively preparing to hire a new employee before a vacancy even arises. Always be prepared for turnovers and expansions, by always being prepared for new hires! Rushing around and chasing your own tail the day before or after a vacancy needs to be filled is not the way to hire a strong employee.

Another tool that will help you in your employee search is a hiring scorecard. This is just a rating system with measurable goals, a checklist of sorts, for each thing a candidate must demonstrate to be hired. You can even include things that you want them to have that isn’t a necessary deal breaker, but keeping the info on the scorecard will allow you to go back through all the applicants and see who has the highest score and who has the values you are most interested in.

This brings for the next item on our list, be consistent with your questions. Ask each applicant the same questions so you can compare their answers later. You also want to make sure the questions you ask have specific significance to the job being applied for. Asking vague questions won’t let you determine if they are a good hire for the company in general or a good hire for the specific job they are vying for.

The last tip we have for you is to have your applicants take a pre-employment personality assessment test. These tests are designed to give you insights about how a potential employee would handle difficult situations. This can ensure that the employee you hire will handle themselves in a way that represents your company in a positive way.

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Written by
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