How to Make your Team Member Onboarding Better: a Step-by-Step Guide

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They say the first impression is the one that sticks. When starting a new job, that rings truer than ever.

Can you imagine if on your first day in a new company, the HR department didn’t have all your documents ready, your colleagues don’t know what you’re doing there and you can’t find someone to help set you up with a company email address?

It happens more often than you think. A poorly executed employee onboarding is one of the most common reasons people quit their jobs in the first 90 days. And that’s perfectly understandable— if you don’t feel welcome, you are going to want to find somewhere else to work as soon as possible.

On the other hand, if the onboarding process for new hires is thoughtfully planned and well-executed, the employee will not only want to stay, they’ll want to give their all to their new company!

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A survey conducted in 2018 by Jobvite discovered that 28% of new hires will quit in their first three months. Most surveyed shared that their motivation behind leaving was directly related to the onboarding process. Yikes!

The onboarding process isn’t merely about dress codes, paperwork and introductions. An employee’s first days are an opportune time to immerse them in the company culture, make them feel comfortable and walk them through their first tasks.This may take a while, but it is in the best interest for both the company and the new hire in the long term.

A structured onboarding process:

    • Increases retention
    • Makes the new team member comfortable
  • Saves money

To make your onboarding process great, it’s important to remember it needs to be two things: standardized and planned in advance. Check out some tips to make this a remarkable experience for you and your new hires:

Before the new team member arrives

This is the moment to prepare everything they will need. A few days before they arrive, gather all of their information (full name, contacts and position) and share this material with everyone who needs it.

Be sure that IT and facilities departments are all aware of the new employee’s upcoming arrival and the items they will need to do their jobs – equipment, such as computers and peripheral devices and software, accesses and email addresses.

Don’t forget to get their desk or work station ready for use.

The first day

On your new team member’s first day, it’s important to give them all the knowledge they’ll need to have a great journey in your business.

It’s the moment to:

    • Sign all the paperwork.
    • Give them a tour in your office, introducing them to other departments, showing them where the manager’s office is, and helping them locate the printer, bathrooms and the coffee pot. Use this moment to also explain the office’s rules for the kitchen and other common areas.
    • Set expectations on what they’re going to need to deliver in their role. Make sure they are clear on their responsibilities.
  • Preset the company’s culture and acceptable and unacceptable behaviors.

During the first week

The most important thing you can do during a new hire’s first week is to make them feel welcomed and let them know what is expected from them. It’s an ideal time to give them their first assignments, followed by close feedback and evaluations.

The first month

The first weeks are crucial for your retention. In the first 30 days, it’s important to align the new team member’s professional goals with what their new position has to offer. Don’t forget to schedule 1:1 conversations to give and receive feedback.

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