Three Ways to Improve your Performance Evaluation Process

There is no question that the owner or operator of any well-functioning company will take a planned approach to conducting performance evaluations. Do you feel that your business is lacking the discipline when it comes to your performance evaluation process? If so, here are a couple of ways you can go about improving your process for performance evaluations.

Awesome ways to improve your Performance Evaluation Process:

Increase the Frequency of Evaluations

If you are only evaluating performance once a year, you should consider increasing the frequency of your evaluations. This is because evaluations that are performed more frequently are proven to be more accurate, which will save you time and money in the long run. Instead of annual evaluations, try transitioning to a quarterly evaluation for the best results possible. 

Train and Support Your Supervisors

Supervisors are the ones who interact with employees on a daily basis and they are likely the ones who will be performing the evaluations, which is why it is important that they are thoroughly trained for such a job. You could look at holding an internal workshop or having your supervisors attending a professional training session in order to ensure they they are equipped with the skills they are going to need to take care of employee issues, including performance evaluations.

Have the Entire Team Evaluated

Employees of course need to be evaluated in order to gauge their level of performance, but so do your supervisors. You can start putting together a team that is built on trust and professionalism by having not only your supervisors evaluate employee performance but also having your employees perform evaluations on your supervisors.

Whether you are the owner of a small business or a global enterprise, you can’t afford to be employing people who are unfit for the job. Use these 3 easy tips to improve your performance evaluation process right now!

Manage your Performance Evaluation Process with Pipefy!

Pipefy’s Performance Evaluation Template helps managers follow up on their team’s performance. Evaluating your employees is extremely necessary within companies – without performance evaluations, employees don’t know what their strengths are and behaviours they need to work on.

Pipefy’s Performance Evaluation Template allows you to set feedback meetings with your employees, collect and give feedback, helping them to improve their performance.

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