How to Integrate Salesforce with BPM Software

Salesforce is a leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform used by more than 150,000 companies, from small businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises. Clients use Salesforce to manage business activities involving their customer’s sales, tech support, and IT demands. 

Business process management (BPM) software, on the other hand, is helpful for mapping, analyzing, and automating business processes in order to maximize the productivity and efficiency of day-to-day operations.

While Salesforce focuses on CRM processes, BPM software targets all types of business processes — such as managing the procurement process or organizing an HR department’s employee onboarding process.

CRM and BPM solutions have several similarities, and many companies leverage both to combine the benefits of each.

How Salesforce and BPM integration can improve your processes

Both Salesforce and BPM software are powerful tools specifically designed for certain use cases. Your Sales team may use Salesforce, but the Marketing, Finance, IT, or Legal teams may use a BPM solution for their processes.

There is nothing necessarily wrong with each department having its own set of tools, but this separation can lead to inefficiencies and siloed work in the long run. When tools cannot communicate with one another, it can result in delays, inadequate information, and other problems that could harm your business.

When you integrate Salesforce with BPM software, each tool can access a wider array of data and allow you to automate and analyze your business processes to an even higher degree.

For example, here are a few reasons a company may want to integrate Salesforce with its BPM software:

  • A new deal in Salesforce can prompt a new customer onboarding process in the Customer Success team’s BPM software.
  • When the Sales team concludes a contract negotiation, BPM software can automate the process of generating the customer’s first invoice.
  • When new customer information is added to the BPM database, Salesforce can detect the change and automatically update the customer’s information on its own database.
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Benefits of Salesforce and BPM software integration

Integration of Salesforce CRM with BPM software can result in the following benefits:

  • Increased efficiency and reduce errors: Save time, avoid rework, and watch your data run smoothly, end-to-end.
  • Enhanced visibility for better decision-making: Integrate your CRM and business workflows for better data visibility and valuable insights.
  • Improved communication: Both systems connect and communicate with each other, preventing information from falling through the cracks.

How to integrate Salesforce with BPM software

The process for integrating Salesforce with BPM software varies according to your exact solution, but there are a few steps that will help to ensure the integration is performed as smoothly as possible. Following these steps can guarantee both softwares will work properly together.

1 – Determine precisely what processes you would like to integrate

During the integration process, you may need to explain your business process to a third party. Therefore, before getting started, it’s crucial to make sure that you and the team have clarity over your process in general and about the integration you wish to carry out in particular.

2 – Make sure team leaders are on board

Business processes often involve several teams, and the integration process may end up changing the way those teams work. Even if the change is aimed toward more efficiency, it may take employees a bit of time to adjust to it. Check in with all the leaders involved to make sure that they are aware of, and supportive of, the transition. 

3 – Reach out to your providers

Salesforce, and most BPM software providers, have teams dedicated to helping their customers use their software successfully. Reaching out to customer success managers in either company may be the easiest way to get started with integrating both solutions. 

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How to integrate Salesforce with Pipefy

Pipefy is a modern, intuitive BPM solution that provides everything a business needs to implement effective, cost-efficient business process management. It Integrates with popular business tools used by thousands of companies worldwide, including Salesforce.

If your team already uses Pipefy to manage your processes and Salesforce to manage CRM contacts, this integration can bridge the gap between the two apps. Once active, it will create new cards on Pipefy each time a new task is added to your Salesforce account, ensuring the data you need is always on both systems.

The Pipefy-Salesforce integration process can be done in a matter of minutes. Check out the video below to learn how to do it:

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Pipefy gives all stakeholders the ability to automate routine processes using a no-code approach. And with its robust data analytics capabilities, Pipefy helps your organization improve the processes that drive all types of business units — from HR and Finance to Sales, Marketing, and beyond.

Pipefy’s capabilities include:

  • Easy-to-set automation rules based on triggers and actions
  • Service portals and request tracking
  • Plug-and-play workflow templates
  • Customization of each step’s actions and required information
  • User-friendly interface
  • Native and custom integrations

Try Pipefy today — and integrate it with other popular applications — to orchestrate all of your work from a single platform for a seamless and reliable operation.

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