How to Integrate Zapier With BPM Software

Gustavo Sumares

Zapier is software that moves information between web apps automatically. For instance, it can connect a user’s WordPress and Twitter accounts so that every time the user publishes a WordPress post, Twitter sends out a customized tweet with the post’s URL. Or, it can be set up so that a user receives a Slack message every time a new document is uploaded to a shared folder in Dropbox. 

Business process management (BPM) software enables businesses to gain a holistic understanding of their processes and improve them in a cost-effective way. These processes can be anything from hiring and onboarding new employees to requesting assets from a design team. And BPM software focuses on making these processes more transparent and organized, sometimes even allowing parts to be automated.

Zapier and BPM Software

Zapier and BPM solutions may appear similar; they both aim to streamline workflows and increase team efficiency. And while each tool can individually help improve a team’s performance, they can do even more when they are integrated. 

For instance, if an HR team uses a BPM solution to manage the hiring process, but also receives some resumes via email, these multiple inputs into the hiring process may lead to impaired communication or lost information. 

With a Zapier integration, the HR team can set up an automation that creates a new task in the BPM software every time the HR shared inbox receives an email with an attachment. This automation can even upload the attachment to the BPM solution to ensure that resumes received via email all end up in the same place. 

Similarly, a content marketing team can use Zapier to automatically share new articles and videos in social media. The team would configure an automation that creates customized posts on social media accounts whenever new content is marked as “published” on their BPM software.

Benefits of integrating BPM software with Zapier

By linking automations and using filters, it is possible to create even more sophisticated automations between both programs. Benefits include:

  • Increased efficiency: Using Zapier and BPM software integrations allow users to automate processes in a more comprehensive way.
  • Improved accuracy: Because data is shared automatically between applications, integrating apps eliminates the risk of input errors.
  • Better communication: Having direct communications between all systems involved in each business process greatly reduces the chances of important information falling through the cracks.
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How to integrate BPM software with Zapier

Zapier’s visual interface makes it easy to create integrations among BPM software and other business apps. It is a process of determining triggers in one app that will generate actions in another app.

Triggers can be interactions or status changes inside one application. Whenever this happens, Zapier associates that action with the trigger automatically: “When X happens, then Y should also happen,” where X is the trigger and Y is the associated action.

Zapier Integrations best practices

Although creating an integration between Zapier and BPM software is easy, it’s important observe a few best practices before setting it up to ensure your team makes the most of the tool:

1 – Outline precisely what you would like to integrate

Before setting up your integration, it’s essential to align exactly what you would like to automate with how to execute it. Zapier charges users per action, regardless of whether that action was intended or not. Taking the time to plan things carefully before starting, therefore, can prevent wasteful usage of the automation tool and save money.

2 – Make sure team leaders are on board

Business processes often involve several different teams, and the integration process with Zapier and BPM software may end up changing the way those teams work. Even if it is a more efficient change, it may take coworkers a bit of time to adjust to it, so it’s important to check in with all the leaders involved to make sure they are aware of, and supportive of, the transition. 

3 – Reach out to your providers

Most software as a service (SaaS) companies have teams dedicated to helping their customers use their programs to the fullest extent. Reaching out to your customer success managers may be the easiest way to get started with integrating both solutions. And checking in with those professionals may be a good idea even if the integration is something that your team can do on its own.

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How to integrate Pipefy and Zapier

Pipefy is a modern, intuitive BPM solution that provides everything a business needs to implement effective, cost-efficient business process management. It empowers business users to automate routine processes using a no-code approach. And with its robust data analytics capabilities, Pipefy helps your organization improve the processes that drive all types of business units — from HR and finance to sales, marketing, and beyond.

Pipefy can be used with Zapier to trigger (or receive) automation actions. Setting up these automations is as simple as searching for Pipefy in Zapier’s list of compatible apps and using its visual interface to make it communicate with your other programs. 

Using this integration is a way to make Pipefy an even more comprehensive BPM solution. And if you need to integrate Pipefy with another app that is not supported by Zapier, ask for their support to create custom integrations for your specific business needs.

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If you need a BPM solution that can integrate with some of the most popular management and productivity tools in the market, Pipefy is available for free. It can reduce your reliance on other integration software and unlock the full potential of your business, automating repetitive tasks, keeping leaders fully informed, and giving you total clarity over all your processes. Try Pipefy for free now, or request a demo to see how it can improve your workflow.

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