How to build a Sales Pipeline Process

Sales Pipeline

Before we understand how to build a Sales Pipeline Process, it is crucial to identify the stages, the benefits, and what are the metrics of the process, otherwise, you will waste time working towards something that doesn’t build real results. Time is money, so being assertive is key to create real value.

Speaking of time, let’s not waste another minute! Let’s get down to business!


The Sales Pipeline is made up of the stages you have in your sales cycle. It can also be understood as the process Sales Reps make in order to turn new leads into real customers, generally in a visual way.

Imagine having no idea of your company’s potential, or worse, no clue who your customers are. In a not so far away galaxy, you don’t know your team’s conversion rate, you have zero metrics’ control, you waste time with useless tasks and you don’t even realize your process has bottlenecks.

This is the scenario we want to avoid! Just understanding the concept won’t solve it, you have to take full control of what is happening. Build a holistic sales view with us!

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The process begins with the user identifying a problem (or several) and searching for a solution. Generally, the marketing team will take care of this first step, since it is typically the stage where the users have its first contact with the business.

When the buyer comes to the conclusion that the service or product is the solution they are looking for, signing up is the next step. And great news: you have a new lead who has entered into your Sales Pipeline!

From this moment on, the Sales Reps work through:

Sales Pipeline Process

In a customer-centric process, the reps will understand the customer’s needs and present the best way of dealing with that problem (selling their product or service, of course). During the Sales Process, it is also essential to set expectations until the deal is closed. You can also follow some Sales Pipeline Practices: here.


Sales Process Benefits

Imagine you start creating your process but don’t create a way to measure it. You have no clue on the number of deals you have in the works or what you are doing right or wrong. These shortcomings will definitely affect your decision making and will make it harder to improve things within the sales process. Not improving your sales performance is the best way to lose revenue growth. That’s why it is important to manage your sales pipeline. By doing so, define the best metrics to track your team performance so you can boost your results!


Sales Metrics


When it comes to building your sales process from scratch, you can use the market pattern (as we have shown before). Regardless of the typical sales process, it is always important to tailor the steps for your company’s needs.

In a simple way, you can shape your process by:

How to build Sales Pipeline Process


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