Tips to help managers improve performance reviews

Performance reviews, they can be hard to navigate no matter what side of the table you’re sitting on. Some review processes are set in their way by the big man upstairs… well in upper management anyway! How can managers improve performance reviews experience for the employees while following often strict guidelines? Here are a few tips on how to do just that!

Ways to Improve Performance Reviews:

Make sure the review is not a one-sided lecture. This means letting the employee speak equally about their performance, how they think they did, and what they think they can improve on. Being inclusive in the conversation will make the review feel more like encouragement and less like a scolding or training session. This will also allow you to see things from the perspective of the employee and find out what tools or skill training they may require to make improvements.

Another way to improve the review process is to review all year round. Now that doesn’t mean do a performance review every day! Far from it, keep to your regular company guidelines for official reviews, but do check in with your employees on a regular basis to see how things are going. Are they having problems? Is there something they need extra training or information about? Doing your part to improve performance daily can make the official review faster and much more positive.

Setting chartable performance goals that your employees can easily follow is another tool you should have in your belt. If your employee knows what is expected of them and how and when they should be at a certain performance level, chances are that the employee will work harder and more effectively to reach those goals by the set date.

Another tip is to let your employees self-evaluate their performance marking down things they think they did well and areas they could improve upon before the official performance review. This should be a free thinking exercise without pre-fabricated forms to fill out, just the honest truth about how they feel they have done. These self-appraisals may bring things to light that you are unaware of and can offer feedback on in your formal review.

And finally, provide constructive feedback and praise to your employees on a regular basis. Letting them know how they are doing more than twice a year is a good way to mold the performance goals, you hope to achieve for both the employee and the company!

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