4 Ways to Improve your Hiring Process

They say a building is only as strong as the materials that it is made up from. Companies are very similar; they are only as strong as the employees that work for them. This is why having a solid hiring practice is so important. Unfortunately, a lot of managers don’t know how to weed out the weaker links while interviewing. Here are some tips to help you improve your hiring process and keep your company going strong!

How to Improve your Hiring Process?

The first tip is to clearly define the position that is to be filled. Every qualification and skill needed to complete the job needs to be made known to the potential employee. This will help to weed out underqualified candidates. It also gives a more realistic expectation of what the job entails to those who do have the skill set to take the position.

Next, you want to make sure you thoroughly canvas the applicant. What is their education level? How many years of experience do they have? Do they have references you can check? If so give them a call! Finding out the past behavior of a candidate is a key part in selecting the right person to join your company.

When it comes time to make your final decision, make sure to base it on all of the data you have collected from the potential employee, not just one aspect. A great candidate will have strengths in more than one area and fit nicely into our workforce. Don’t rely solely on your gut feeling about someone, because let’s face it, most interviews are not accurate depictions of an employee’s average drive or abilities, and often embellishments are made to seek a good impression.

Lastly, there will probably be some applicants that are not experienced enough, or who would work more effectively in another position that may not be currently open. Don’t wait for these people to come running back to you when you need them? Keep in touch with over time and when a position becomes available that you think would be a great fit for them give them a call! Keeping in contact with these assets can dramatically decrease the costs of advertising and recruitment.

Building your company from strong employees can help your business grow, expand, and flourish. Keep these tips in mind in your next interview session!

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