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Benefits of Pipefy

Intuitive platform

Creating processes is easy using our intuitive interface. Users quickly adapt and learn how to utilize features to their advantage.

Easily customizable

Create and build-on processes for customized management of all your company’s activities.

Control complex processes

Easily control complex workflows, approval processes, and more on an intuitive interface.

Native app integrations

Integrate with native apps to centralize communication channels and other management tools.

Kanban view

Keep track of all user activities using visual representations of work that need to be done at every step of the process.

Fast deploy

With our no-code platform there’s no need to involve IT. Deploy fast and get started right away with customizable process templates.

“Pipefy revolutionized the way we see and build our processes at Accenture. Its flexibility and ease of use made us improve our productivity and quality of delivery in several processes and projects we manage.”

Powerful reports

Track progress, analyze metrics, evaluate efficiency, and find bottlenecks in your process using customizable reports.

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SLA tracking

Assign service-level-agreements, track work in progress, and set appropriate timelines for when work needs to be started or completed. Know when tasks are on-hold and why.

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Pre-designed process templates

Choose from hundreds of process templates pre-build with workflow best practices in mind. Customize templates to best fit with your unique company needs and start running complex processes in minutes.

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Integrate with Pipefy

Use our public API and native apps to integrate with ERP, CRM, and more.

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Pipefy vs. BP Logix

Pipefy’s intuitive structure makes it easier to manage processes.


BP Logix


Multiple Native Apps


Kanban View




Intuitive Design


Email Messaging


Public Forms


Pre-Built Process Templates



Execute processes in minutes

Save time and streamline all your processes in Pipefy.

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