Selection Process Guide

Here you'll find valuable information about our recruitment process, benefits and culture!  

Recruitment Process

Pipefy's Talent Acquisition team is responsible for all recruitment processes inside our company. To provide you the best candidate experience possible, we prepared this guide of each phase of the selection process.

1. Application

This is the very first step of the process. You can easily apply to one of our open positions directly on the careers page, or even be approached by one of our recruiters.


Professional information, resume and diversity forms are the main steps.

2. Online Evaluation

If your application checks all the position's requirements after our evaluation, we will make contact to schedule an online interview. 


In this phase, online tests can be required depending on the position you choose. Enjoy this phase to get to know more about our culture in this guide.

3. Online Interview - Talent Acquisition

The online interview is procced by one of our recruiters to check your professional background and career expectations.


In this phase, we aim to confirm especially your fit with our cultural values and overall match with the position. 

4. Online Interview - Hiring Manager

If the Talent Acquisition's interview result is positive, you will get the chance to talk with the position's hiring manager on an online call. 


This final step strives to confirm hard skills required by the position, and most important, if your expectations are aligned with the team and area.

5. Additional Online Interview (Only if necessary)

Some positions or/and scenario requires an additional talk with team members, to make sure we will make the best choice for our company and yourself. 


Soft and hard skills can be confirmed in this process, including cultural fit. 

6. Offer

If you came until this point, it means that you are the one for the position. Congratulations!


We will prepare an offer letter that contemplates your particularities, always according to the position possibilities, and send it to you via email.


At Pipefy we strive to build and maintain a unique corporate culture that makes our employees excited to come to work each day. We have special benefits for each location, here are the global ones:

Casual, inclusive and international environment
Monthly Babysitting / Early Preschool Allowance
Health, Vision and Dental Insurance with Premiums Covered
Maternity / Paternity Leave
Competitive compensation package
Semi-Flexible Hours (40h/ week)
Monthly Gym Reimbursement
Monthly Meal & Home Office Allowance
Monthly Education Allowance / FSA
Life Insurance
Transportation voucher
Birthday PTO


Everyone at Pipefy is part of a larger movement that empowers professionals from all over the world to drive great changes within their organization.  

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