Case Study

How Company Combo Delivers ~4.5k Monthly Services with No-Code Workflows

About Company Combo

Company Combo provides accounting, taxes, and company formation services and information so businesses around the world can start operating in the United States.


Since their start in 2015, Company Combo has helped over 2,000 businesses open. Currently, they have customers from 35 different countries and offer complete support in three languages: English, Portuguese, and Spanish.


  • Company size: 11-50 employees
  • Industry: International Commerce
  • Departments using Pipefy: Operations, Accounting, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, Purchasing, IT
  • Processes: Opening Companies, Quotation Requests, Accounts Receivable, Purchase Orders, IT Helpdesk, Contract Management, Delivery of Bonds, among others

Case overview

Company Combo has a complex operation with the goal of supporting entrepreneurs that have recently started doing business in the US. This is in part because each of the US’s 50 states has its own legislation and particularities. 


Company Combo’s main workflow is opening new companies. After a customer fills out an online form with data (such as service type, company type, and state where they will be headquartered), their request begins in Pipefy.


All service flows in Pipefy are based on conditional logic. Because legislation in Texas is different from legislation in New York, the process has to adapt to each scenario. Within the company opening workflow alone, there are 12 predetermined steps inside Pipefy. Due to mandatory fields in forms and the standardized nature of the workflow, the entire process becomes error-proof.


Besides this main workflow, Company Combo also manages around 80 other processes inside Pipefy. Some of these are parallel services, such as opening legal accounts, while others are internal company processes such as Purchasing, Accounts Receivable, IT Helpdesk, and others. 

Pipefy gave each Company Combo manager autonomy. Before we started using it, I needed to look up code on the internet when I wanted to try to customize our systems. With Pipefy, each department is able to create and improve their processes in a matter of minutes.
Eva Palatinsky
Chief Operating Officer at Company Combo
Pipefy was a game changer for Company Combo. In 2021 alone, we delivered almost 54 thousand services and each one of them was managed inside Pipefy
Eva Palatinsky
Chief Operating Officer at Company Combo

Key Results


services delivered in one year (2021)


processes working in Pipefy


countries served by Pipefy


languages configured in Pipefy


Company Combo Portal

API integration with a custom-made company portal.

Google Drive

Used for storing files and documents when a process is concluded.