Case Study

How Coplacana Went From Manual Processes to Digital Systems

About Coplacana

The São Paulo State Sugarcane Farmers Cooperative (Coplacana) was the first agricultural cooperative for sugarcane farmers’ to be founded in the Brazilian state of São Paulo, in 1948. Currently, it offers over 12 thousand farming-focused items and comprehensive farming advisory services.

In an accelerated growth process, Complacana felt the need to improve its processes. Supported by Befire - Analytics Process Automation, a Pipefy partner company, the cooperative started a digital transformation process focused on automation routines and connecting flows that were being carried out manually and communicating with other processes.


  • Industry: Agriculture
  • Company Size: 201 - 500 employees
  • Teams using Pipefy: Credit and Register, Finance, IT, Auditing, Sales, Human Resources
  • Processes in Pipefy: New member registration, Credit Risk and Limit Analysis, Service Desk, IT Projects and Demand Management, Auditing and Internal Controllership, Capital Expenditure (CAPEX), Organizational Human Development, and many more. 

Case overview

At the end of 2020, partnering with Befire, Coplacana decided to look for a system for automating its processes. The company was struggling with general inefficiency in its workflows. Administration teams were using a variety of different, unconnected tools, such as email, Excel, and ERPs to manage their workloads and important data.

After a thorough market research, Pipefy was chosen with the initial goal of avoiding data losses and errors in processes. After implementation in January of 2021, the team at Coplacan was able to quickly standardize their processes and begin to automate several repetitive tasks that used to be done manually.

One year after implementation, the team states that Pipefy’s flexibility and ease of customization had a fundamental role in the success of the partnership. Processes and systems that required IT assistance for implementation can currently be quickly customized by each department’s leader.
We used technology as an instrument for transforming processes, in a flexible and customized way, creating a new experience for high-performing teams, standardizing processes, structuring data, metrics, and indicators.
Edmar Machado
Partner and Consultant at Befire
Pipefy enabled us to cater to several of the company’s departments that had requests stranded on the IT team’s backlog. Now, the tech team can focus on increasing process efficiency and delivering processes a lot faster. Another big plus is the ease with which we can give all stakeholders full visibility of our operations, with real-time status updates and process performance indicators.”
Fabio Borges
IT Systems Manager at Coplacana
Pipefy gave us a more assertive way to manage process flows, offering visibility of all responsible parties, status updates, and bottlenecks. All these variables that are important for process efficiency can now be viewed in information-rich dashboards for directed actions.
Claudio Rossi
Chief Financial Officer at Coplacana

Main Results


reduction in average lead time (from 25 to 8 days) in credit limit analyses




credit analyses completed


hours saved with automations


hours saved with automated emails


Company Combo Portal

API integration with a custom-made company portal.

Google Drive

Used for storing files and documents when a process is concluded.