Case Study

CTA Smart's Key to Boost Sales by 300%

How the technology company uses Pipefy’s CRM to automate and connect their entire operation 

About CTA Smart

CTA Smart is a national leader in the control and management of internal fuel supply. The company has 10 years of expertise in the market and helps customers to enhance their fuel and fleet management — saving time and money.

The company supplies more than 3,000 refueling points, controlling about 1 billion liters of fuel in 2021.

About Píer Partners

Píer Partners is a strategic-financial consultancy, focused on leveraging business and supporting entrepreneurs in decision making. Pier operates Mergers and Acquisitions, Strategy and Governance, CFO as a Service, and Data-Driven Operations Management, being a Pipefy partner since December 2019.

CTA Smart challenges: lack of data-driven decisions

CTA Smart's main goal is to deliver simple and adaptable solutions to fulfill their customers' needs. Even with a lean structure of about 60 employees at the end of 2021, they handle a high volume of customers, supply points, and fuel loads. As a result, agility and efficiency are key attributes of CTA's operation.

In 2019, however, the lack of standardization and use of about eight disconnected systems prevented the commercial team from being agile enough to scale their sales.

The lack of connection between systems also impacted other departments’ work, such as finance, customer support, and production. These teams didn’t receive all the information they needed to manage their respective processes efficiently, often delaying deliveries for contracts and services.

CTA Smart's top leadership was also struggling to consult and control the company's operational metrics. Without integration and clarity of information flows, the strategic team was constantly unable to collect consistent data.

Scaling their business successfully

At the end of 2019, CTA Smart underwent a complete overhaul of its strategic planning, structuring an ambitious and aggressive expansion plan. The lack of consistent data and indicators made developing a structured plan difficult and time-consuming.

This prompted CTA Smart to hire Píer Partners to provide financial consultation and improving their internal processes. After a market mapping, Pipefy was chosen the orchestration platform for all CTA Smart’s processes.

The first process implemented in Pipefy was Sales CRM, followed by several operational processes — such as customer logistics and customer onboarding — and constructing their customer base. After this first round of implementation, all support departments such as HR, Marketing, Finance, Reimbursement, and Support also adopted Pipefy.

Following Pipefy’s deployment, CTA quickly began leveraging improvements in their daily routines. Data no longer had to be manually typed, which reduced rework and increased information consistency across sectors.

After standardizing and connecting internal flows, CTA and Pier started spotting opportunities to gain even more efficiency. The biggest being the possibility of automating repetitive tasks, such as sending emails for customer onboarding, filling in customer information, and assigning professionals to each task.

The centralization of operational processes in Pipefy helped CTA to achieve closer contact with their customers and more agility to support responses. Even in a lean team, we were able to reduce the SLAs, and now we have more clarity on what improvements we should implement in our services and products.
Geovane Pasternak
CTA Smart’s Operational Manager

Results: greater efficiency and boosted sales

After about 2 years, with Pier’ support, CTA now manages more than 40 different processes within Pipefy and 95% of its employees have direct contact with the platform.

Nowadays, the operational and commercial departments have clear metrics and ambitious goals, both controlled by the company's managers through dashboards extracted by Píer in cooperation with the teams.

Their sales funnel was the most positively affected process. Previously, CTA Smart used to take an average of 90 days to close a deal with a customer. Today, running this process in Pipefy, the average time decreased to 42 days — an improvement by 53%.

The desired scalability is also an achievement. After one and a half years using Pipefy, sales increased by 300% — helping to take CTA’s operation to the next level.

Pipefy allowed us to have better visibility of our operation. With clear processes, defined deadlines, and reliable performance data from different areas, we can make faster and clearer decisions.
Bruno Lopes
CEO of CTA Smart

New global challenges

After replacing eight disconnected systems with centralized processes in Pipefy, CTA Smart has high expectations for 2022. Pipefy and Píer will continue to work as their partners on this journey.

In addition to their Brazil operations, CTA Smart also operates in the United States where it is called Link2Pump. The operation in the US is still in its infancy, but it has been supported by Pipefy from the beginning, which helped structure the company's processes, databases, and indicators.

In the Brazilian operation, CTA aims to expand its technology to new market segments and will rely on Pipefy's flexibility and stability for the next steps.

We chose Pipefy because it is a very customizable and flexible solution, enhancing an organized flow of information between areas. The system is easy to implement and has a user-friendly interface, which allowed a quick adaptation from the CTA team.
Ramiro Jesus
Partner of Píer Partners