Find out how Eletromidia structured and organized their internal processes

National leading out of home media company

The ability to organize and plan ahead saves us a lot of late nights planning the activities. Everything’s much more organized and faster."

Eletromidia is an out of home media company focused on transportation advertising – they’re currently responsible for most of the out of home media – both out of home and static – available on the transport systems of the two largest cities in Brazil: São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Their main commercial goal is selling media slots and they’re also present in shopping malls and other commercial venues.

“Taking the right message to the right people, at the right moment and place. This is the new Eletromidia’s strength. A network that was born innovative, grew and transformed into the most complete out of home media platform in Brazil, connecting brands to urban influencers.”

Founded in 1993. Eletromidia is currently positioned as one of the main companies in Brazil’s out of home digital media segment – it’s currently present on the daily commute of over 13 million people. It operates on Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Salvador’s subway trains, as well as most of the train/subway platforms in these cities.

Eletromidia also offers indoor media services for commercial venues and shopping malls – their display grid is present on more than 600 venues in Brasil, such as bars and restaurants, coffee shops, beauty salons and many others.

On their website, the media company points out that the urban influencers, their main media target, are always on the move: from the moment they wake up, they’re in constant movement, always on their way to do something, always busy.

Eletromidia positions itself as the advertising shortcut to connecting brands to these influencers: being where they are, on their way to places (transportation), bringing the right message to the right people at the right time and place.

Eletromidia and Pipefy

Pipefy allows me to predict what’s happening next on my process and plan my team’s tasks ahead.”

Eletromidia began using Pipefy when they first realised that their internal processes were poorly managed using email threads. According to their COO, Lucio Schneider: “We’ve noticed that our processes were mostly on emails and inside people’s heads: we needed to have more visibility of where things were. That’s one of the most important things for us, allow all users to visualize the process. That way, people in charge of an activity can accompany its progress.”

Before Pipefy, Eletromidia didn’t use any specific process management system; they relied mostly on emails and spreadsheets. They see Pipefy as a tool to visualize and keep track of tasks. With it, they were able to eliminate all other communication tools and parallel controls.

“To us, it’s a powerful control tool: which phase the job’s at, who’s responsible, whether it’s late. Pipefy allows me to predict what’s happening next on my process and plan my team’s tasks ahead. Due to the visibility it provides, I’m able to properly organize the team’s campaign distribution, start dates, etc. The ability to organize and plan ahead saves us a lot of late nights planning the activities. Everything’s much more organized and faster.”

With Pipefy, Eletromidia’s structure for planning digital campaigns became a lot more effective. Each time a campaign request comes in, the information is input into Pipefy and it triggers a whole process.

The level of accountability Pipefy provides makes it possible to control everything closely: this process involves 4 different areas of the company and with Pipefy they’re capable to organize all the tasks and communication around each campaign.

“With Pipefy tasks are a lot clearer. We can see which phase they’re at, who’s responsible, when’s the due date. This makes the whole process transparent and doesn’t let things be swept under the carpet.”

How this success story started…

It was really fast – in less than two weeks we had our final processes.”

According to the company’s COO, what triggered the need to organize and structure their processes was an operational mistake that happened to them a while back.

“We’ve realised we could improve our processes. That made us want to study or own processes and, on that knowledge journey, we’ve found Pipefy.”

One of the defining factors that made Eletromidia choose Pipefy was the fact that they didn’t need to have IT Professionals or an internal software management area to implement it. “At the stage we were, we only needed to understand the logic of our processes to create on Pipefy and start running it”.

It took Eletromidia around 2 weeks to set their minds on Pipefy and start running all their processes: “It was really fast – in less than two weeks we had our final processes. We were really focused on it at the beginning and we established people to be responsible for the processes and charging everyone involved with using Pipefy.”

Lucio points out a few of Pipefy’s essential features on Eletromidia’s processes: “due date, phase overview…it’s very important that we can see which phase the cards are at, filters to manage larger amounts of information…”.

The COO affirmed that Pipefy improved Eletromidia’s productivity, making everything more organized. All the areas involved value Pipefy highly, they grew fond of it and adopted it as a must-have.

  • Interviewee: Lucio Schneider, COO
  • Company based in: São Paulo, Brazil
  • Using Pipefy since: October, 2015