How Enkla Juridik tripled its size in one year with Pipefy

Enkla Juridk

Enkla Juridik is a civil law firm based in Sweden. Founded in 2018, the company’s mission is to help private parties, small and medium businesses navigate and resolve legal matters. Enkla Juridik has three offices throughout Sweden and has experienced rapid growth.

3x growth
in one year

20% revenue


We used to manage all process flows, from the customer requests for quotation to final deliveries, through email and spreadsheets

Gain control over all inbound demands

Legal procedures are infamous for their bureaucracy and long process cycles. Niels Groenewegen, Enkla Juridik’s Co-founder, dreamed of taking a different approach to providing law services.

Since founding Enkla Juridik’s, Niels and his partner set a best practice to provide a fixed-price quotation for each service in less than 24 hours. “We wanted to give our potential clients perspective on how much each service would cost. No surprises at the end of a proceeding,” explains Groewenegen.

“In the first months of the company, while the operation was small and controlled by only my partner and me, our manual process was running smoothly,” says Groewenegen.

“We used to manage all process flows, from the customer requests for quotation to final deliveries, through email and spreadsheets,” says Groewenegen. “In the beginning, that wasn’t a problem because we had a low volume of customers.”

In 2019, the company started to grow rapidly. More leads asking for quotations meant more demands to deliver. At that time, Niels decided to hire more lawyers to help with the high volume of requests.


The first thing that caught my attention was how user-friendly and customizable Pipefy was

Create an end-to-end integrated operation with better visibility

The first process Niels and his team wanted to standardize was the sales pipeline. “Our sales process isn’t a regular sales pipeline. We need to complete a series of steps to provide a reliable quote for our leads,” says Groewenegen.

So Groewenegen started to search for CRM solutions. “I tried a couple of CRMs, but none of them were customizable enough to adapt to our needs. We’re a law firm based in Sweden, so our business model isn’t at all common.”

After failing to find value in other platforms, Niels discovered Pipefy and decided to give it a try. Although it wasn’t a CRM, it had the customizability to meet their process needs. “The first thing that caught my attention was how user-friendly and customizable Pipefy was.”

Niels built out his end-to-end process in just a few days and quickly learned how to customize and adapt Pipefy for each of his business needs. Instead of a single sales pipeline process, Niels could implement more complexity for each workflow.

“After a quick implementation, I could integrate Pipefy to various platforms and bring a level of complexity that I never imagined,” says Groewenegen.

The first step to build end-to-end operations was to integrate Pipefy’s quotation form with Enkla Juridik’s website form through a connector called Zapier. This way, every time a new lead completes the form it becomes a card inside of Pipefy and kicks off the sales process.

Bringing more complexity to Pipefy was an essential factor in achieving an optimized and standardized, end-to-end operation. From the Customer Request for a quotation to charging the customers on time.

“Nowadays, I integrate Pipefy to many different software. For a complete data visualization, we integrate Pipefy to PowerBI It allows me to data-drive decision making.” says Groewenegen.

Furthermore, Groewenegen also wants to continuously improve the team's efficiency. “We added a new complexity layer by integrating our main flow to our accounting system, so we can charge the customers as soon as the process finishes,” says Groewenegen.


It would be impossible for us to scale up to 10 lawyers and grow your revenue in one year without Pipefy.

Tripled team size in one year

One year after implementing Pipefy Enkla Juridik had more than tripled in size. They’d grown from three lawyers and one office to 10 lawyers and three offices throughout Sweden.

“It would have been impossible for us to scale up to 10 lawyers in one year without Pipefy,” affirms Groewenegen.

Ease of onboarding was a key factor in Enkla Juridik’s ability to grow their team so quickly. “I’m able to onboard a new lawyer within 30 minutes by simply showing them how we use Pipefy. We have lawyers of various ages, non-technical people, and all of them like and can easily use Pipefy,” reiterates Groewenegen.

The relationship with leads and customers has also changed since Pipefy’s implementation. Groewenegen says “We’ve doubled our sales conversion with Pipefy. We no longer have angry customers calling us and asking why we didn’t follow up with them.”

Groewenegen also associates another essential part of their business success with Pipefy. “At least 20% of our revenue growth can be attributed to Pipefy. It would be impossible to achieve success without a flexible and user-friendly platform,” finishes Groewenegen.