Case Study

Loja Elétrica Case Study

How Loja Elétrica Implemented Digital Transformation in Over 9 Departments

About Loja Elétrica

Loja Elétrica (a Portuguese name meaning “Electric Store”) is Brazil's largest electric materials distributor with over 50 thousand items in stock and commercializing over 65k products from national and international brands.

Loja Elétrica has been on the market since 1947 and has a portfolio of products geared toward several different needs. As of 2021, the company has 12 branches in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, along with its headquarters in the state’s capital Belo Horizonte. It also has 8 in-company shops and a headcount of over 1400 employees. Its materials distribution center, located in Belo Horizonte’s ring road, spans over 50k square meters (12.3 acres) making it the largest in Latin America for its market segment.

Case overview

Loja Elétrica has been using Pipefy since 2019. Their Controllership Coordinator, Gabriela Chammas, primarily championed implementing Pipefy after noticing the team needed a process management software solution to increase their productivity.

At the time, Loja Elétrica relied solely on an obsolete ERP system that couldn’t manage internal processes. While searching for a solution, Gabriela realized they would need a cloud-based, no-code, user-friendly tool that could be adapted to each of the company’s departments.

After discovering Pipefy, Gabriela started off with simple processes such as Business Trip Requests, and found Pipefy’s value proposition directly aligned with their Quotation and Product Purchase Operations. Previously, this process was managed solely over email by a team of 15 buyers receiving over 1000 daily requests.

After quickly implementing Pipefy with several additional request-related workflows, Pipefy has scaled and is currently deployed in 9 departments with 78 active processes.

I created accounts on Pipefy and Kissflow. I managed to model my own process and try Pipefy out by myself. And quickly I realized the tool’s value and relied on Pipefy’s support team."

Gabriela Chammas, Controllership Coordinator


  • Industry: Retail
  • Company Size: 1.4k employees
  • Teams using Pipefy: Travel, Marketing, Legal, Sales, IT, HR, Finance
  • Processes in Pipefy: Quotation requests; Purchase requests; HR requests; Accounts Payable; Accounts Receivable; Travel requests; Sales pipeline; And many more!


products available for fast shipping




stores in total


years on the market

I needed a complete solution in order to have it approved by the company. We needed a tool that was no-code, user-friendly, and could be adapted to each department of Loja Elétrica."

Gabriela Chammas, Controllership Coordinator

Before Pipefy

  • Legacy ERP system incapable of managing demands from several areas
  • Manual processes carried out over email
  • Decentralized, unstandardized, and chaotic work
  • Company could not measure or control its operation, making data extraction from processes impossible
  • Unmotivated workers with low capacity to deliver solutions
  • Team composed mostly of members with little technological expertise that required an easy-to-use tool in order to carry out digital transformation
  • Company culture for managing processes with paperwork

After Pipefy

  • All requests uniformly collected with Pipefy Forms
  • Reduced paperwork-based processes, each sheet of paper is now a card inside Pipefy
  • Swift value delivery to several departments, engagement and implementation of Pipefy quickly spread through the company
  • Managers became capable of measuring and tracking their teams’ efficiency
  • Company-wide increase in productivity from having several departments using the platform
  • Pipefy’s flexibility allowed for it to grow inside Loja Elétrica from 10 to 100 users (and even more being added)

Each alteration to the system used to take months to be completed or didn’t even happen at all. When leaders realized I could change processes in a matter of minutes, they became very engaged.”

Gabriela Chammas, Controllership Coordinator


~2.5 k

hours saved every month with Pipefy


active users


forms for internal requests


active processes




For data extraction, and creating dashboards and reports