Case Study

How Tempo Assist Gave Their Employees Efficiency with Pipefy

Tempo Assist’s commitment to investing in technology to improve their customers’ and employees’ experiences is part of their DNA, and has partnered with Pipefy to achieve this goal since 2021.

About Tempo Assist

Tempo Assist is the largest specialized services company in Brazil, providing general services for people, vehicles, and real estate. Along with a network of partners in all Brazilian cities, the company offers over 65 different services, from furniture assembly to several types of insurance.

Challenges: digital efficiency gain

One of Tempo Assist’s main objectives is investing in technology. Their strategic priority is seeking innovation to provide a better experience to their customers, vendors, and employees

In their search for digital efficiency, they have found several opportunities to improve their employee’s daily routines.

One such example is their Accounts Payable to Vendors process. Each of Tempo Assist’s service-providing partners had to request their payment over email. Being a manual process with around six thousand requests monthly, it frequently ran into delays and other problems, which negatively impacted their partners.

The company previously used an inflexible and unintuitive process management tool. Any business team that needed to create a new workflow or alter an existing workflow had to resort to the IT team. Because of this, most internal processes were managed over email and spreadsheets.

Our main challenge was bringing agility to the implementation of small adjustments to the tools we used. Pipefy made us a lot more dynamic and helped us empower all our business teams…
Daniele Longato
Automations and RPA Product Owner

One more step towards digital transformation

Tempo Assist started using Pipefy in April 2021 to empower their business teams with more flexible IT tools. To make this work, the Automation and Processes departments were challenged with improving the process maturity and quality..

Their first goal was to bring several business processes into Pipefy, then standardize their workflows to increase their efficiency. They slowly automated the manual and repetitive tasks involved in these workflows using Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

As an example, now all payment requests in their Vendor Payment process are received via Pipefy Forms, and arrive with all the data required to complete the payment. Most steps of this process have already been automated, allowing the team to scale their operations. Thanks to this, the team can now process over 8 thousand payments monthly — a number that would be unimaginable before implementing Pipefy.

Fast results led other areas of the company to adopt Pipefy as well. Currently, there are already 230 Tempo Assist employees from six departments using the platform.

Pipefy was a watershed for us. Previously, our business areas lost a lot of time on manual tasks. Now, we have a lot more clarity over our processes, and it improved our employees’ quality of life.
Aline Almeida
Process and Management Analyst

The result: empowered business teams

With Pipefy’s quick adoption, around 70 processes went through the flow of mapping, standardizing, and automating. According to Tempo Assist’s employees, they quickly realized some of the benefits Pipefy brought them, especially: 

  • Control and standardization of workflows in a single place
  • Possibility of tracking performance indicators
  • Being highly customizable and easy to use

The ability to automate processes was the main advantage Pipefy gave Tempo Assist. Currently, 7% of the processes managed with Pipefy have RPA automations. This allowed employees responsible for manual, repetitive tasks to take on higher added-value roles with more space for innovation.

Standardizing and automation processes also made the team’s work scale better. In March 2022, Tempo Assist processes over 230 thousand demands with Pipefy, a figure that would not have been possible before.

To empower the end user, the platform needs to be intuitive and have a friendly interface. With Pipefy, our IT team can think of more flexible solutions, offering a better experience to the end users, who can understand things way more quickly.
Daniele Longato
Automations and RP Product Owner

Next challenges: continuous improvement and innovation

In one year, Tempo Assist went from zero to over 70 processes managed with Pipefy. They still intend to bring more processes onto the platform, but their present focus is on continuous improvement. 

According to Aline Almeida, who is responsible for designing and implementing processes in Pipefy, as operations scale, workflows require constant upkeep. The number of requests managed with Pipefy continues to grow every month, presenting more opportunities to increase their efficiency.

The Processes and Automation team’s focus is to find new chances to improve, so that Tempo Assist’s culture of innovation can be increasingly present in each employee’s daily routine.

Automation serves to fulfill our processes’ potential. In order to avoid potentially breaking a process, we first need to fix it and standardize it with our Processes team, and then automate it. When we see a chance to eliminate repetitive tasks that overload our team, impacting deadlines and scalability, that’s when we implement a robot (RPA).
Daniele Longato
Automations and RP Product Owner