Prove that you’ve got the skills to get work done.

Through our Process Management Certification courses on Pipefy University, you will learn about and get certified in key features to help you streamline your business processes and increase your team’s productivity, and gain valuable hands-on experience building pipes of your own.

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Process Management Certification provides credentials to grow your resume and highlight your hard skills.

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By learning about process management and the Pipefy platform’s key features, not only are you growing your resume, but you are also empowering yourself and your team to work faster and smarter!

Process Management workflow template

Process Management

Learn how to model your workflows and build efficient and effective processes

Automation template


Transform manual tasks into automated, smart deliveries

Conditional fields template

Field Conditionals

Create user-friendly experiences by customizing processes based on “if, then” scenarios

Portals for requesting demands


Save time by gathering requests from different areas and organize them all in one place

Database to centralize information


Safely centralize the information you want and use it in your workflows

Amazing management reports


Combine, customize, and use your process data to create amazing reports

Get on your track to process management success.

Join thousands of doers and get your Process Management Certification. You will gain valuable and practical skills, while building processes of your own in Pipefy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access my certification after finishing the courses?

Once you completed the Pipefy Certification Program, you will receive a digital version of the certification, which you can download for a printable copy or embed it on your LinkedIn profile.

How can I add my Pipefy certification to my LinkedIn profile?

It is important that you add the certification to your LinkedIn profile so that others will know you got the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully implement and manage Pipefy! You can add it here.

How long should I wait to get my certification?

You should get it now! ? It’s especially important if you are looking to implement Pipefy, but also great if you want to learn helpful tips for effective Process Management or better understand our key features for streamlining workflows.

I just finished the courses and got my certificate. Can I watch them again?

Sure! When you sign up for Pipefy University and enroll in the courses, you can view and review the classes any time you want (even after you have completed the course).

Can I watch the courses on my phone?

Of course! Even though we suggest you watch them on your desktop, you can also take the classes on your smartphone.

What is the best way to show my certificate to the world?

Your Pipefy certificate shows your credentials and highlights your hard skills. So make sure to spread the word on your social media channels – from adding the certificate link or image to your resume, to adding the Pipefy badge to your email signature.

After I complete my Process Management Certification, are there additional, more advanced certification courses I can take?

We have an Advanced Process Management course that requires the user to demonstrate proficiency in building a pipe modeling project and other advanced features.