Make Your Customer Onboarding Experience Extraordinary

Get customers the information they need when they need it with Pipefy.

Customer onboarding is a mission-critical task for all B2C and B2B organizations. If your customers feel confused or unattended instead of welcome and informed, you won’t keep their business for long. Pipefy lets you define your customer onboarding process and track it step-by-step for every customer you have, to help you deliver a superior customer experience every time.

Customer Onboarding Software for Every Use Case

Organizations in every industry can benefit from using Pipefy for customer onboarding:

Marketing Agencies

  • Create a defined workflow for the onboarding process, from initial contact to campaign kickoff
  • Automate sending emails and other relevant communications during the onboarding process, such as client questionnaires
  • Keep the marketing team aligned and on task during onboarding, and ensure work is completed on schedule

Financial Institutions

  • Automatically send and request financial documents and contracts during the onboarding process
  • Centralize important information on client’s assets and investments
  • Seamlessly move clients between various departments based on investing and banking needs

Managed IT Services

  • Define workflow variations to meet the needs of different customers and provide them with relevant technical information
  • Integrate your customer onboarding process with other critical workflows to ensure that all teams have access to information gathered during the onboarding process
  • Set triggers for automatically communicating with clients when certain events occur, such as security breaches or software updates

Software Development

  • Assign tasks and define team roles to get the project off to a great start
  • Move the design and development process along with automated follow-ups
  • Keep the client informed by monitoring progress on all workflows and providing the client with accurate information

Faster, More Effective Customer Onboarding

Pipefy makes onboarding customers easy:

Start Onboarding Customers With Pipefy

Implementing a customer onboarding process that keeps your team on track and customers happy has never been easier. Visualize where customers are in the workflow, which team member is responsible for each onboarding step, and quickly locate relevant customer information: it’s all possible with Pipefy.

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