Control your Customer Onboarding workflow

Gain full visibility of the onboarding of your new customers with Pipefy, automate manual tasks and free time to take care of what matters, so you’ll never lose a deadline or make a customer unhappy ever again.

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With Pipefy, the Customer Onboarding platform, no more customers will be left hanging, waiting to see the value they paid for

With Pipefy you will be able to…

Boost CS Team Efficiency.

Boost CS Team Efficiency

Enforce standards of execution according to the assistance each customer requires and make sure no step is missed or benefit not properly delivered during onboarding.

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From late alert to expired status.

Enhance Customer Experience

Enable your customers to deploy all features and capabilities valued, guaranteeing they’re fully equipped to be successful according to pre-established deadlines.

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Pave the way for Business Scalability

Provide your customers with everything they need early on and increase retention, thanks to a platform that is easy to use and will automate your Onboarding process.

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Enhance your customer’s onboarding
experience with Pipefy!

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Features to guide you to your goals

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Enforcing standards of execution for Onboarding

Knowing that each customer requires a unique approach, build an effortless onboarding flow that will help your team give your customers an amazing first impression without missing a single step.

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Late Onboardings are a thing of the past

There will be no more customers complaining about a service not provided or wondering about a  process that takes longer than established. Always deliver on your service-level agreements and amaze them all.

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How automation works at Pipefy.


Leave manual and repetitive work behind

Manual and repetitive work can no longer keep your Customer Success Team from your customers. Automate repetitive tasks based on your business rules and delegate away.

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