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No more support requests falling through the cracks, causing unreliable expected response times and unhappy customers.

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With Pipefy your customers will feel heard and your support team will be productive

With Pipefy you will be able to…

Boost support team efficiency layout.

Boost Support Team Efficiency

Enforce standards of execution according to each customer request type, and centralize all of the information about your most common requests in one place.

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From late alert to expired.

Ensure Customer Satisfaction

Provide all of the help your customers need, guaranteeing quality support and a response time that meets the customer’s earliest expectations.

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Creating impressive support experiences.

Pave the way for Business Scalability

Create impressive support experiences for your customers, thanks to a platform that is easy to use that your customers (or team) won’t hate.

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Enhance your customer’s support
experience with Pipefy!

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Features to guide you to your goals

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Gain a full view of the status of all support requests

Pipefy will centralize all of the communication that will happen between your support team and your customers in an intuitive interface, ensuring no one is left behind or waiting for too long.

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An easy way to hear from your Customers

You’ll have a customized place to welcome your customers and receive their support requests. You can choose which info you need from them and how to receive it so there are no surprises when it’s time to take action.

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How automation works at Pipefy's platform.


Leave manual and repetitive work behind

Manual and repetitive work can no longer keep your Support Team from your customers. Automate repetitive tasks based on your business rules and delegate away.

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