Centralize all your IT Operations in a single place

The easy, customizable and ready-to-go IT operations platform

Pipefy Pipefy

Centralize tickets and information

Forget the chaos of inefficient tools and tons of daily emails. Receive all requests from other departments in a single platform.

Pipefy Pipefy

Measure your operation efficiency

Create reports to see the number of tickets, how much time you’re spending on them and the most common problems.

Pipefy Pipefy

Communicate to requesters

Create a smooth communication channel with other departments and give them updates on their tickets.

Pipefy Pipefy

Automate the flow

Stop wasting time on manual and repetitive tasks. Assign and notify your whole team every time a new ticket is created.

Pipefy Pipefy

Easily integrate apps and tools

Integrate database solutions, issue-tracking apps, communication platforms and other software to centralize all tech information from your company in a single place.

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