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Pipefy helps you to standardize and control all the requests the marketing team receives from other departments.

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The simplest way for internal clients to request
for the marketing team

Take control of the demands the
marketing team needs to deliver


Standardization of Marketing

Full understanding of what, how and when the marketing requests need to be addressed, avoiding rework and time-wasting.

Mandatory Fields
Conditional Logic


Full Visibility of Marketing Team’s Activities

Control team member responsibilities and status, preventing tasks from suddenly becoming urgent and late deadlines.

Kanban View
Due Date


Better Communication between Stakeholders

Information flows smoothly among team members, managers and requesters, battling lackluster information and mistakes.

Email Template

Standardize all incoming demands with
the most efficient Marketing Requests Platform

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Meet the solutions you need to organize marketing requests:


Customizable web form

Receive Structured Marketing Requests

Define the essential information needed to deliver all the marketing-related work your internal clients ask with the customizable public form. This is the end of unstructured and incomplete requests.

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SLA Management

Deliver all the Marketing Demands on time

Align the expectations between stakeholders with SLA Management. Keep up with all marketing team activities and never miss another deadline.

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Automatic email

Improve Cross-Departmental Collaboration

Enhance communication between the marketing team and the other departments with automatic emails. It will help you to keep your team and requesters on the same page, preventing unexpected issues.

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