Simple pricing for more efficient workflows

Pay annually & save up to 16%

For small teams, startups, freelancers, and students who need to organize their tasks

  • Basic automations

  • Plug-n-play process templates

  • Request tracker


For mid-market teams needing to centralize and scale business processes

All features in Starter+
  • Role-based access

  • Private processes

  • No-code automation

  • Conditional logic

  • Data recovery

  • Access to Pipefy's API

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For organizations that need enterprise-level security, control, and support to manage complex or connected business processes

All features in Business+
  • Multiple automations

  • Integrations

  • Two-factor Authentication

  • Single Sign-On
  • Custom Email Domain

  • Support from Pipefy's team

  • Higher database and storage limits


For organizations that need unlimited power to error-proof their Enterprise processes

All features in Enterprise+
  • Unlimited automation possibilities

  • No limits for database records

  • No data storage limits

  • Expert support for modeling and implementing customized processes


Teams around the world improve their operations with Pipefy

Build connected operations with Custom Integrations

Connect Pipefy to other tools to ensure automatic data transmission between parties, gain full visibility over your operation and get rid of parallel controls in spreadsheets.

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Pipefy Pricing FAQ

What if I need to add someone new to my team?

If you need to add new members, you can do that. The amount charged per new user will be the same for the other members included in your plan.


See our article for more information.

Can I change plans anytime I want? How long are the contracts?

The contracts can be monthly or yearly. You can start/stop or make changes to your plan any time you want – however, we won’t give refunds for cancellation or plan downgrades.


See our article for more information.

Do I need any advanced technical skills or professional support services to implement Pipefy?

Pipefy is designed to be simple and easy, allowing anyone to configure their own processes and workflows. However, in large and complex operations some companies like to have the support of our professional consultants – in this case we can recommend companies that offer those services.

Will my data be private and safe?

Keeping your data secure is a top priority at Pipefy. Review our security protocols and how your business and customer data will be protected in our security whitepaper.

Does Pipefy integrate with other systems and applications?

Yes. There are 4 ways to integrate Pipefy with your favorite tools:
1. Custom Integrations with any software you need. Request a quote here.

2. Native Integrations with Slack, GitHub, BitBucket, and Google Hangouts

4. Via Zapier