Pipefy for appear.in

Pipefy for appear.in is the perfect video chat to maintain steady workflows even at a distance. Enable an appear.in persistent video chat for your pipes to keep work aligned and member communication open.

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Long-Distance Work Made Easier

Easily video chat with team members from a distance. No more wasting time coordinating which chat tool to use and sending unique chat room links.

One Persistent Video Chat

No need to create a new video link every time you want to chat with your team. All members in the pipe can access the persistent video chat using the same link at anytime.

Easily Enable appear.in

✓ Go to Apps under Settings.
✓ Select appear.in and then click enable on the appear.in module.
✓ Anytime you need to have a meeting with members in that pipe, click on the appear.in icon to open the chat window in a new tab.

Make Communication as Fluid as Your Process

Maintain steady workflows even at a distance with Pipefy for appear.in.

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