No-Code Process Automation Leader Pipefy Announces New AI Capabilities

SAN FRANCISCO, June 08, 2023  - Pipefy, the global industry leader in no-code process automation, today announced the upcoming release of Pipefy AI, a first-of-its-kind technology that combines artificial intelligence with Pipefy’s no-code process management and automation platform. Pipefy AI enhances process management efforts by delivering crucial data insights and accelerating the speed at which processes can be built. The result is better decision-making and greater operational efficiency throughout the enterprise.


Pipefy AI harnesses the power of OpenAI and GPT-4 to enhance data analysis and help teams model and optimize any type of process.


“By combining artificial intelligence with Pipefy’s process management platform, we are taking no-code to the next level and enabling users to access new data analysis and process efficiency features,” said Alessio Alionço, CEO of Pipefy. “In a matter of seconds, Pipefy AI can help business leaders and their teams detect trends, uncover root causes, and automate their processes, easier and faster than ever before.”


With Pipefy AI, users will be able to ask any question about their current processes or data sets and receive an answer in seconds. To complement its data analysis capabilities, Pipefy AI also helps users complete a wide range of previously manual tasks.


Another core component of Pipefy AI is its ability to create custom processes based on the parameters and requirements set by the requester. Its goal is to build the most efficient version of the user’s process for them, every time. Users simply tell the AI what kind of process or workflow they need, what kinds of data they want to collect, and any other characteristics they’d like it to have — Pipefy AI does the rest.


“Pipefy AI demonstrates the evolution of the Pipefy platform to keep pace with changing business needs and advances in technology,” added Alionço. “Pipefy AI fulfills the promise of no-code, which is to make it easier for everyone in the business to work smarter and faster, and make better decisions every day. It’s about providing process optimization capabilities for everyone, so that businesses can achieve process efficiency everywhere.”


Pipefy AI will become available to current Pipefy users in the coming weeks. Those wanting to experience Pipefy AI can join the waitlist to be notified when the features are available.


About Pipefy

Pipefy is the no-code process automation platform that increases team productivity and efficiency, centralizes data, and standardizes processes for teams in IT, Finance, HR, Customer Operations, and more. Through its workflow automation and no-code framework, Pipefy helps businesses achieve operational efficiency and process excellence for every team in every department.


Headquartered in Curitiba, Brazil and San Francisco, Pipefy is used by leading enterprises such as Visa, IBM, Volvo, Santander, and Kraft Heinz. Among its many recognitions, Pipefy was named to the Deloitte Technology Fast 500™, a ranking of the 500 fastest-growing companies in North America, in November 2022.


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