Grow your startup fast with process management software

Every touchpoint with customers or employees builds your brand. Ensure the best experience with Pipefy, a customizable, easy to deploy, no/low-code platform.

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Automate processes so your team focuses on expanding the business

Your startup needs to scale fast. With a process management platform, you can easily automate manual activities, connect processes and customize workflows without the need of technical help. This way, your workforce can focus on generating new leads and growing the business.

Automate manual tasks and processes

This will save you more time to focus on strategy so you can scale fast, especially when it's easily deployed without technical help.

Build connections

Centralize your entire workflow’s information in a single platform and connect processes to keep a reliable flow of data in your startup.

Integrate other apps

From your payroll system to your lead generation tool and your marketing software, integrate other important applications so you can build a complete workflow.

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Make fewer mistakes. Customizing and standardizing processes according to your business’ needs will reduce errors and improve communication.

Control the operation. Visualize SLAs, assignees and next steps to make sure that your workflow is running smoothly and efficiently from beginning to end.

Keep track of KPIs. Create dashboards to have a closer look on metrics, performance rates and other data, and keep improving to achieve higher ROI quickly.

Ease handoffs and prevent time loss by integrating spreadsheets, lead generation tools, payroll systems and more to Pipefy so all important data is centralized in one place.

Save money with solutions for every department—centralize your operations from HR to Finance, Customer Service to Marketing in a single tool.

Standardize the way requests arrive, so you have control over the information received, the demanded format and other relevant details that will help you deliver requests faster.

Pipefy is a flexible and quick-to-deploy tool, which makes it perfect to manage different business processes according to their own specificities without the need for technical support.

Define the phases of your processes and set mandatory information or actions in each step, so you ensure things are done the right way every time.

Integrate other apps from your operation like your payroll system, lead generation tool, marketing software and much more, so all data is connected, consistent and error free.

Connect Pipefy to your favorite software with ease

From HR to finance to customer service, streamline your startup with Pipefy

Startups across the globe improve their operations with Pipefy