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Running an efficient business with all its processes has alway been a challenging endeavor. That’s a fact especially for processes that involve multiple departments and/or third parties such as customers or suppliers.

Some of the top challenges that companies face are:

  • Difficulty establishing and ensuring execution standards
  • Difficulty implementing deadlines and due dates (SLAs) and ensuring people meet them
  • Difficulties identifying and managing process bottlenecks, accountability and task delegation
  • Difficulty centralizing the process information

Pipefy has been helping hundreds of companies from all over the world (over 50 thousand users from 150 countries) overcome these challenges while also allowing them to discover new ways of improving their level of execution. Are you interested in finding out how?

Join us for a our weekly “getting started” webinar where we’ll walk you through Pipefy and show you how you can get up and running within minutes. During the webinar we will cover:

  • What is Pipefy?
  • How to use and adapt pre-designed templates
  • How to create custom workflows
  • How to connect processes across teams/departments
  • How to allow customers and other third parties to initiate a process
  • Reporting – Performance & SLAs
  • How to integrate Pipefy with other apps
  • General Q & A session.

Thanks for your interest in Pipefy! We look forward to connecting with you live in our webinar.

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