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The Pipefy platform enables managers to standardize and run complex processes and workflows through Kanban-style user experience, without the need for IT, technical skills or professional services.


Every process in a company is called “Pipe” and is divided into stages or phases, following the Kanban method. Each phase is composed of cards which are the work items that they are managing. A card contains all the requirements that need to be specified, completed, or accomplished by members of the Pipe or external users (via Public Form).  An example of a card is a product that an organization is purchasing for their office or an IT request. For the organization that is purchasing a product, the phases can include Request, Approval, Purchase, and Delivery – any phase or required items can be easily customized.

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Easy set-up | SLA tracking | Automation

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Pipefy has many features, including AutomationSLA managementAdvanced reportsSecure Database and many other powerful solutions. As a manager, you have the capability to automatically trigger an action if a predefined event or action is executed. For instance, when a new card is moved to the approval phase, a new card is automatically created within the same Pipe.


On its free template store, Pipefy offers a variety of pre-designed process templates developed to help structure your own processes, such as Task Management, Software Development, Sales Pipeline, Growth Hacking, Bug tracking, Helpdesk and much more. 

In two years Pipefy has grown rapidly and is now used by managers at 15,000+ companies (including Visa, GE, Volvo, AB InBev, and Telefonica) in over 150 countries. Pipefy is backed by top-tier venture capital rms including Trinity Ventures, Founders Fund, Valor Capital, and Redpoint. A.

Some of its main process management features are: SLA tracking, automation, connections, process integration, automated emails, information database, and more.

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Easy set-up | SLA tracking | Automation

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How Pipefy Delivers Efficiency

Flexible and Customizable

Pipefy’s platform allows users to create and customize workflows in hours. Previously, this would have required the development of costly custom applications with long implementation cycles.

Our enterprise customers have seen huge ROI gains and very quick time to value by using Pipefy to model and manage workflows that were being poorly managed by manual or legacy processes.

Process Owner Autonomy

Since Pipefy empowers process managers to build workflows on their own, whenever customization is needed (adding fields, phases, changing SLAs, adding automated messages, etc). It can be done in real-time without requiring technical resources.

This is reflected in the ability of editing and customizing virtually everything about your processes to match your company’s exact needs.

Visual Management

Pipefy’s Kanban visualization offers a clear and intuitive view of the unique demands of each process stage, responsible parties, deadline proximity, and action tardiness.

What sets Pipefy apart from all the other kanban software alternatives out there is that it allows you to set a different set of work rules to each of your process’ phases, with triggers and if needed, a designated owner.


Pipefy allows for real-time communication through the platform, avoiding long email exchanges and centralizing all communication threads related to the process.

This allows teams to create workflows to collaborate with suppliers and clients, keeping clear track of SLAs in an auditable fashion.


Advanced reporting allows managers to filter, view and extract all data from their workflows. Pipefy also integrates with your favorite B.I. tools for the construction of customized dashboards.

Metrics around productivity, average lead time, and cumulative flow are pre-configured and available for all processes built in Pipefy.

Integrations with other Applications

Pipefy integrates with other applications through two paths: Pipefy offers an open API, documentation available here.

Zapier allows you to integrate Pipefy with over 500 web applications. It works on a trigger/action logic and allows you to create connections between web applications in minutes without the need for technical skills.

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Easy set-up | SLA tracking | Automation

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