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Automate and customize processes without intensive training or IT. Flexibly manage all your sales and customer success processes end-to-end.

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Benefits of Pipefy

No-code, fast deploy

Build custom processes in minutes without involving IT, and achieve full adoption in weeks.

Automate processes

Streamline administrative and repetitive tasks using process automation.

Reach cross-functional efficiency

Streamline approval flows, share information, and keep up to date on pending tasks.

Easy to customize

Our intuitive platform empowers business users to create and customize their own processes.

Low-code and native app integrations

Easily integrate with legacy systems, native apps, or choose from over 500 apps via Zapier integrations.

Run parallel workflows

Run lead gen processes and customer onboarding processes in parallel with your sales pipeline management.

Sales Operations Pipeline Templates

Build and manage activities in your sales pipeline in a single, simple, platform.

“Pipefy revolutionized the way we see and build our processes at Accenture. Its flexibility and ease of use made us improve our productivity and quality of delivery in several processes and projects we manage.”

Public forms

Organize all incoming information using a shareable link. Once a public form is submitted, the information with appear in the designated pipe as a card with all the extracted data.

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Save time and team energy from doing recurring, simple tasks. Automate processes, notifications, approvals, emails, and event-based activities.

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SLA tracking

Assign service-level-agreements, track work in progress, and set appropriate timelines for when work needs to be started or completed. Know when tasks are on-hold and why.

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Pipefy vs. Salesforce

Managing your processes is a lot easier with Pipefy.

Pipefy vs. Salesforce



Process Automation




Cross-functional use


Ease to customize


Fast deploy


Lead Gen capabilities


Customer success capabilities


Email automation


Integrate with Pipefy

Achieve seamless process management with native apps, API, and low-code integrations.

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What our customers have to say

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“The typical lifecycle for a product is four months in terms of design... Pipefy modeled a workflow in a matter of 15 to 20 minutes.”
—Aditya Sengupta, Transformation Team at Wipro

Build the perfect workflow in minutes

Start getting more done in less time with Pipefy’s intuitive workflow solution.

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