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With demands varying between small and huge companies, this department is responsible for managing and nursing all the company’s technical equipment. An IT & Service Desk manager seeks to keep all of your demands in just one place, such as technical issues, software management, and device checkup.

As a professional role, the main objective of an IT service desk is to serve as the primary contact for monitoring incidents, establishing a communication route between other service management functions and the user community, as well as a central hub for user requests.

Is important for your company to start following the new criteria that are being implemented in the job market. According to best practices, it is becoming more common that companies prefer to manage services in an efficient way. That is what Lean methodology is based on. The goal is to deliver a structured and valuable process to companies that always runs smoothly. To IT’s managers, it could increase and improve your Service Desk’s demands.

Your IT process can be improved using the key metrics of Lean. The metrics in questions are Takt Time, Cycle Time and Lead time. So why these metrics matter? Once you know your Takt Time, your Cycle Time and your Lead Time, you’ll be able to monitor if your process is improving or headed for a downward spiral. With this newfound information, you can pinpoint the issues and investigate them.


Besides being a Lean platform, Pipefy offers ITs managers some features that can be linked to these metrics, utilizing the Lean methodology applied to our software. Pipefy boasts SLA Management, which can help you control and track all the due dates set in your process. In addition, you will be able to centralize all of your requests and information through the reports, giving you unhindered visibility of the whole process.

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Here is how Pipefy will boost your IT processes

Register and track technicals summons

Monitor the entire IT request thought SLA Management.

Centralize customer requests and communications

Track and monitor customer requests and support tickets in one place. Easily create tickets and requests made outside of the customer portal.

Retire legacy system interfaces

Easily integrate with legacy systems and update your interface to a powerful, interconnected, and intuitive platform.

Keep all data together

You can access all the necessary information about processes with advanced reports, which show all of your pipe’s activities and card information in a customizable spreadsheet.

Promote IT and Dev collaboration

Using Pipefy, interconnect different teams and drive innovative collaboration.

Store it in one place

The general view helps you to centralize and analyze the request deadlines.

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