Scale-up with Pipefy

We know what it is like to be a Startup, so we understand that clear and structured processes are essential. Pipefy has developed this Program so that your Startup reaches its full potential!

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50% off on any plan (valid for 1 year)


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*In the first 30 days, it includes a kick-off videoconference and two calls for answering questions. Monthly investment for hiring the Business plan – or higher – for 5 or more users starts at $300.

Do you want your Startups to have a better chance of scaling their business?

This is only possible if they can make the most of their resources and, of course, if they are always improving. Pipefy is the right tool for this.

• Communicate Pipefy whenever there is a new class of incubated or accelerated companies;

• Send the material about the partnership program to the accelerated companies (at the beginning of the project and for the new classes);

• Schedule a videoconference on processes – which will be held by Pipefy – with accelerated companies (at the beginning of the project and with the new classes);

• Insert Pipefy’s logo on the partners page of your accelerator site.


What is Pipefy?

If you want to understand more about our history and stakeholders, please visit our page.

Why does Pipefy want to contribute to the Startups ecosystem?

Our CEO, Alessio, has had an entrepreneurial journey since he was in college, starting at UFPR’s junior company. Then, with the creation of Acessozero, his first successful company. He always dreamed of giving back to the community everything he received, from his college education, networking at the junior company, the support he received in his first Startup, to everything we had to create Pipefy. From the beginning, Pipefy offered free plans with limited features, but that structured processes, standardizing them, avoiding errors and rework. Pipefy then began providing a free plan for junior companies as a way to give back to the community everything Alessio received. Today, we take a step further by offering a plan focused on the development of Startups, not only with a focus on price but also bringing relevant knowledge to the community.

Why is it important to structure and standardize processes?

From the moment you have a structured process, you can understand what your bottlenecks are. You can apply improvements that can bring more value to your consumer. With a tool like Pipefy, you can eliminate manual and repetitive tasks, optimize time, easily collect metrics, and visualize your process more clearly.

How can Pipefy help you?

Pipefy has several features so you can not only standardize, but automate various phases of your processes, so you can make better use of your time. Visit our features page and find out everything Pipefy can do for you.

How do I include my accelerator in the partner network?

If you’re not our partner yet, click here and register. We will contact you.

How long will the discount last?

The discount will be valid for up to 1 year.

I already have other systems. Can I integrate them with Pipefy?

Yes! The sky’s the limit when we talk about integrations. You can integrate Pipefy with many systems such as Slack, Google Calendar, Gmail, Mailchimp and more than 200 others. Check all of them on our integrations page.