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Centralize and integrate your processes in a visual, easy to use platform. Start running customized processes in a few minutes with Pipefy (no technical skills required).
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Pipefy vs. Sydle BPM

Managing your processes is a lot easier with Pipefy's simple and intuitive structure!

Pipefy vs. Sydle

Sydle BPM


Execution standards




Fast deploy


Mandatory fields




SLA tracking


Process management can be easy

Pipefy offers exclusive features that allow you to take team management to the next level and make your processes more efficient and productive!

  • Fast deploy

    Create and start running your processes in a few minutes (without technical skills).

  • Mandatory fields

    Specify what must be done in each phase of any process.

  • More than 70k customers love Pipefy

    Pipefy has changed the way we manage our company’s main process. It's very easy to create and manage all types of processes. Discovering Pipefy was a game changer for the company efficiency!

    Felipe Leal

    Telefonica on the spot

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    Achieve seamless process management by integrating with other apps, email, ERP, CRM and much more using Zapier

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