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Contractor / Freelancer Management Template


Do you work with freelancers on a regular basis and have faced issues organizing all the jobs you’ve outsourced? If your answer is yes, Pipefy’s Free Contractor/Freelancer Management Template is the perfect tool for you!

This template is focused on helping allocate resources and easily track who’s working on each project. It makes it a lot easier for you to keep track of all the job’s information and centralize the process’ documents, such as contracts, payment receipts, etc.


Process template by Team Pipefy

Why use the Contractor / Freelancer Management Template?

  • Helps you allocate resources for each of your projects
  • Makes it easier for you to track all outsourced jobs’ status
  • Centralizes all your contractor/freelancer’s information in one place
  • Helps centralize and organize all outsourced jobs documents (contracts, receipts, etc.)

Contractor / Freelancer Management Start Form

  • What’s the contractor/freelancer’s name?
  • What’s the contractor/freelancer’s email?
    • IT and Programming
    • Design and Media
    • Translation and Content Production
    • Marketing and Sales
    • Management Support
    • Legal
    • Finances and Management
    • Engineering
  • What’s the contractor/freelancer’s occupation?
  • What are the contractor/freelancer’s references?



These are all the contractors/freelancers available. Allocate and prioritize your resources to start working!


Show time! These are all the projects with contractors/freelancers assigned.


Centralize all documents and information for better contractor/freelancer management.

Contact List

A good freelancer is a catch! Keep a record of the ones you’d hire again!


Oops…I think our profiles didn’t fit. These contractors/freelancers have been archived!