Conversion rate optimization process


Discover the best layout for website pages by running your new experiments with the Conversion Rate Optimization Process template. It will help you test ideas and make your choices through data analysis and specific tool use.

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Template structure

See how this template is structured. As this is just an example, you can customize it.

New experiment

  1. Which page will be the optimization’s focus?
  2. Idea description

Set objectives

  1. Success metric
    • Define which metric(s) you want to increase. E.g.: number of visits, sign-up conversion rate, churn rate, etc.
  2. Goal
  3. Challenge to be tackled
  4. What does the user expect?
  5. Result measurement
  6. Describe any previous data available
  7. Previous documentation


  1. Assigned team member
  2. Priority


  1. Wireframe
  2. Final design
  3. Technical integration needed to run the tests


  1. Start date
  2. End date
  3. Reminder


  1. Improvement rate (%)
  2. Documentation from the tests
  3. End result
    • Yes, move to “Winners”
    • No, move to “Losers”
  4. Lessons learned



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