Double Diamond Design Process


With Pipefy’s new Double Diamond Design Process Template you can apply the famous British methodology to easily and effectively analyze and execute your design workflow.

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Template structure

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Double Diamond Deploy

  1. Define the Trigger
  2. Job category
  3. Team leader


Building knowledge and finding problems.

  1. What do we know about the process as it is?
    • Describe how the process is currently being executed.
  2. What are the main problems?
    • From what we know about the process, try to list as many problems as you have been able to identify.
  3. Further insights about the problem


Convergent thinking: time to pick your battle!

  1. Main problem
    • Between all possibilities, what matter the most?


After the problem statement, let’s try to come up with as many solutions as possible.

  1. Choose your methodology
    • Market research
    • Research competitors
    • Customer feedback
    • Brainstorming
    • Team meetings
  2. Possible solutions
  3. Based on the research material, pin down the three main solutions.
    • Solution #1
    • Solution #2
    • Solution #3


Choose the best solution and execute the plan.

  1. Which solution is the best for this problem?
  2. Justify your choice
  3. Attach the execution plan.
  4. Due date for execution plan


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