DRIVE process improvement


Analyze and improve your processes using Pipefy’s DRIVE Process Improvement Template. A simple and effective way to understand your company’s issues and plan how to fix them with five steps: Define, Review, Identify, Verify and Execute.

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Template structure

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Start form

  1. Process name
  2. Process description
  3. Urgency level


  1. Area of execution
    • Financial
    • Sales
    • HR
    • Engineering
    • Administrative
  2. Assignee
  3. Which KPIs will be used to measure and analyze the process?


  1. Strengths and weaknesses
  2. Process strengths
  3. Process weaknesses
  4. Record the feedback provided by the team.


  1. Necessary changes
  2. Necessary changes


  1. Describe or attach the improvement plan.
  2. Improvement plan document
  3. Improvement plan description
  4. Does the improvement plan match the goals?
    • Yes
    • No
  5. Implementation due date
  6. Implementation cost


  1. Team feedback after implementation
  2. Customer feedback after implementation
  3. Return of investment


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