Human Resources Requests


When working remotely, it can get hard to receive and manage requests. If your HR team is doing home office, this template will help you to organize, delegate and answer all of their requests.

Easier than emails, more organized than spreadsheets: with Pipefy, you can visualize all demands and make sure they’re solved before the deadline. Employees from your company can easily send requests of vacation, benefits, changes and even report COVID-19 cases in their families. 

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Template structure

See how this template is structured. Remember, this is just an example – you can always customize it.

New requests

All requests arrive here, detailed and ready to get solved

  1. Name
  2. Email
  3. Department
  4. Type
    • Vacation request
    • Benefits request
    • Report a problem
    • Report health-related absence
    • Request changes on vacation
    • Request changes on benefits
    • Employee offboarding
    • Report COVID-19 case on family
    • Other
  5. In case you are reporting a COVID-19 case, who is sick?
  6. Details


Move each demand to this phase when you’re ready to get started.


Does the demand need approval from their leader, the HR manager or anyone else? Here’s the moment to delegate.

  1. Approver
  2. Is this demand approved?


The HR team move their current task here so there’s full visibility of what each team member is doing at that moment.

  1. Details
  2. Attach documents

On hold

Do you need to wait for something before completing the task? No worries, leave it here for a while.

  1. Why the request is on hold?


Great! Your request is complete. Save it here and move to the next one!


If for some reason the demand was cancelled or postponed, archive it here.

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