HR Requests Template


Pipefy HR Requests Template was specially developed to help centralize and organize all the requests made to your company’s Human Resource’s Department. It shows how many requests are open, who made them, their urgency and allows the HR department plan according to the available resources.

Process template by Team Pipefy

Why use the HR Requests Template?

  • Centralizes all the requests made to the HR department
  • Makes it easier for the HR department to organize and prioritize the requests
  • Allows for better resource planning according to the requests prioritization

HR Requests Start Form

  • What’s your name?
  • What’s your request?
  • What’s the type of request?
    • Vacation Request
    • Employee Recruitment
    • Candidate Interview
    • Candidate Referral
    • Report a problem
    • Complaint
    • Suggestion
    • Report Employee’s Performance
    • Internal application to a job opening
    • Report health-related absence
    • Injury report
    • Sexual Harassment Complaint
    • Send a written warning (to another employee)
    • Other
  • Other type of request:



Incoming requests! This is where you determine how much effort they’ll take, what’s their priority and when they should be delivered.


Show time! Here go the requests that are actively being worked on.

On Hold

Is there something preventing this request from being completed? Place the card here before you start working on something else.


Congratulations! You’re such a badass team!


Old, dusty things!