Involuntary Termination Program


Pipefy Involuntary Termination Program Template is designed for HR areas that want to manage this within their companies.

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Template structure

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Start form

  1. Due date
  2. Financial goal
  3. Investment
  4. Administrative
  5. Finance
  6. Operational
  7. Human Resources
  8. Commercial

Involutary termination plan

  1. Why is the program needed?
  2. Checklist
    • Notify area managers.


  1. Layoff management
    • Define which employees will be laid off.
    • Define a termination date.
    • Schedule dismissal exams.
    • Prepare letters of termination.
  2. Number of layoffs
  3. Severances total
  4. Estimated savings


  1. Annual amount saved
  2. Program total cost
  3. Savings
  4. Was the established goal reached?
    • Yes
    • No
  5. If not, what is the plan?


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