Project Financial Management


Project Financial Management Template was designed based on the concept of Project Management, as a strategic competency for organizations that can make the difference between a successful project and audit reports.

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Template structure

See how this template is structured. As this is just an example, you can customize it.

Start form

  1. Project name
  2. Project description
  3. Project manager
  4. Expected delivery date


  1. Funds source
  2. Contract requirements
  3. Estimated budget
  4. Estimated project duration
  5. Risk factors


  1. Attach Earned Value Analysis (EVA).
  2. Attach Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).
  3. Actual amount spent to date

Financial Report

  1. Funds sources
  2. Project funding
  3. Additional external project funding
  4. Community contribution
  5. Total financing
  6. Funds used
  7. Training
  8. Sourcing
  9. Purchasing
  10. Monitoring
  11. Total funds spent


  1. Internal audit
  2. Internal audit duration
  3. Internal audit procedures
  4. Percentage of non-conformances in the internal audit process
  5. External audit
  6. External audit duration
  7. External audit procedures
  8. Percentage of non-conformances in the external audit process

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