Stock inventory audit


Pipefy’s Stock Inventory Audit Template is designed to manage an inventory, comparing whether a product amount in the system is the same as the one in the manual count.

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Template structure

See how this template is structured. As this is just an example, you can customize it.

Start form

  1. Product
  2. Stock percentage to be audited
  3. Amount registered in the system
  4. Inventory date
  5. Department to be audited

Stock check

  1. Stockman’s tasks
    • Organize warehouse
    • Tag products
    • Perform manual counting
  2. Stockman assigned to do the manual count
  3. Counted quantity
  4. Are the system and manually counted amounts the same?
    • Yes (move card to “Close inventory”)
    • No (move card to “Inventory investigation”)

Inventory investigation

  1. System and manually counted amount gap
  2. Investigate gap causes (options)
    • Posting mistake
    • Shipping mistake
    • Storage mistake
    • Conference mistake
    • Other
  3. Describe the gap cause.
  4. Does the manual count show a greater number of resources?
    • Yes (open an input request in the system)
    • No, the amount is smaller (create an output request in the system)
  5. Once the amount is settled in the system:
    • Reprocess the resources cost
  6. Cost difference

Close inventory

  1. Inventory closing
    • Close inventory process.
    • Generate inventory log book entry.
    • Report the results to the superiors.
  2. Attach inventory log book.


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