Team Member Onboarding


Pipefy’s Free Team Member Onboardingtemplate is a step-by-step process specially designed to help you and your company organize the arrival of new members to your team.

This template has detailed instructions that will help you prepare everything for the new employee’s arrival and for his/her first month of work.

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Template structure

See how this template is structured. As this is just an example, you can customize it.


All new employees arrive here! Make sure everything is ready for the new employee’s arrival and set his/her schedule for the first month.

  • What will the new team member do in the first month?
  • Is the physical workplace set up?
  • Meeting with the team for new team member arrival
  • Is the digital workplace set up?
    • New email
    • Pipefy access
    • Specific pipe(s) access
    • Helpdesk access
    • Slack access
  • Did you validate the 1st month schedule with the team member?

First day

First day at work for the new employee! Align his/her schedule for the first week and set up the onboarding meetings.

  1. Was the first week schedule given to the employee?
  2. Did you take the new employee on a company tour?
  3. Did you introduce the employee to his/her workplace?
  4. Did you schedule the new employee’s training sessions?
  5. Did you set up the onboarding meeting with HR?

First week

New employee’s first work week! Give the employee his/her first assignment and evaluate the first week/s performance.

  1. What will be his/her first assignment?
  2. How was his/her performance on the first weekly team meeting?
  3. What is the 5 day checkup evaluation outcome?

First month

New employee’s first month! Evaluate how was the new team member’s first month and ask for his/her feedback on the onboarding process.

  1. Set the schedule for regular performance evaluation meetings
  2. How was the employee’s performance on the first month?
  3. What are the employee’s professional goals?
  4. What are the employee’s feedback on the first month?


Done” New employee is duly onboarded!

Welcome aboard

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