Vacation request for tech companies


The employee’s manager starts the process by entering the employee’s name and the date on which he agreed that the employee could go on vacation.

The process is forwarded to HR which will generate the Holiday Notice and Holiday Receipt documents.
In the next phase, the employee will automatically receive by e-mail template the documents generated to sign and return to the administrative sector who must check the documents and signature and attach them to the process.

The employee’s vacation payment is scheduled.
And finally, the manager must state that his team’s deliverables have been adjusted taking into account the employee’s vacation.

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Template structure

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Start Form

  1. Employee’s name
  2. Employee’s email
  3. Manager’s name
  4. Manager’s email
  5. Leave date
  6. End date

HR Analysis

  1. Human resources analyst
  2. Issued vacation notice document
  3. Vacation receipt
  4. Does the request comply with labor laws?
    • Yes
    • No

Documents Signing

  1. Administrative assignee
  2. Signed vacation notice
  3. Signed vacation receipt
  4. Have the signed documents been checked?
    • Yes


  1. Scheduled payment date
  2. Amount to be paid
  3. Scheduling proof

Final Registers

  1. Manager
  2. Organize the schedule and team deliveries considering the employee’s vacation.
    • Done


Denied requests

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