Kissflow is a product of OrangeScape, a privately-held company founded in 2003 with over 250 employees based in India and the USA. It is not just any product though, it is a Business Process Management Software (BPM). It aims to streamline repetitive work tasks and provide businesses with better ways of tracking their progress to increase productivity.


However, Kissflow is not the only BPM solution in the market. In the years since its release, several other tools have appeared — including Pipefy. And we’re here to tell you why you should consider using Pipefy instead of Kissflow if you’re looking for a BPM tool to make your life easier at work!

What is Kissflow?

Kissflow is a Business Process Management (BPM) software. It helps companies orchestrate their business workflows by allowing them to map out tasks, delegate responsibilities, automate simple steps, and keep track of performance, all in a single platform.

What are some of the alternatives to Kissflow?

Other BPM solutions that can play a similar role as Kissflow are ServiceNow, Nintex, ProcessMaker,, and Pipefy.


Pipefy is the best Kissflow alternative because it allows teams to build truly automated and integrated workflows. These workflows improve efficiency,secure end-to-end visibility, and provide reliable data for better decision-making. Thanks to its no-code workflow automation platform, Pipefy allows teams to easily engage with vendors and customers — whether they are Pipefy users or not.

What are the main differences between Kissflow and Pipefy?

Compared to Kissflow, Pipefy has several advantages that make it easier for businesses of all sizes to start using it. Here are some of them:

  • Native integrations with several popular business applications, including major CRMs and other management systems. 
  • Free public online forms that allow you to gather information at any step of your process, including from non-users.
  • Request tracking for external stakeholders, so that clients can stay informed about the processes they’re involved in.
Customizable dashboards
User community to learn and exchange best practices
Open access to non-users
Native integrations
Free public forms at any step of the process
Request-tracker for external stakeholders
Free to use
Full support without additional costs
Create fully no-code workflows
Flexible pricing

Here’s why you should go with Pipefy

Quickly integrate with all your existing tools: Pipefy features a number of native, easy-to-implement integrations with popular business tools. And it also allows you to expand its capabilities even further using integration platform as a service (IPaaS) solutions, or to build your own custom connections with its open API. Kissflow, on the other hand, has no native integrations, which can slow down implementation for citizen developers.


Automate even more: Automation in Kissflow means triggering emails and integrating with some 3rd party apps. In Pipefy, it can also mean starting other workflows, triggering events in other business processes, updating information in your database, and so much more. This allows you to have truly automated workflows end-to-end.


Involve external stakeholders at no cost: Want to let your clients keep an eye on how their tasks are coming along? With Pipefy, you can do so for free — no need to pay for extra accounts to keep them in the loop. Kissflow doesn’t offer request tracking for non-paid users, which can leave your stakeholders in the dark.


Gather information for free, whenever you need: Pipefy offers free public online forms to all its users, even in its free plan. These forms allow you to collect all the data you need, at any step of the way, to keep your processes moving. The same isn’t true for Kissflow, which only offers public online forms in its Pro and Enterprise plans.


Customizable email templates: If you find yourself spending too much time typing the same email over and over, Pipefy’s customizable email templates can do wonders for your productivity. Create messages with dynamic fields and automate them to be sent whenever you need, to whomever you want. Kissflow only allows you to customize emails to be sent to users to notify them when they need to complete a task.


Pay for what you use: Alongside the free plan, Pipefy also offers a highly personalized pricing that’s tailored to each company according to the number of users. It’s highly flexible and grows with your business, allowing you to expand on the features you need the most. In comparison, Kissflow’s pricing is tiered into three rigid plans that end up making you pay for resources you may not use.

Here’s what our clients have accomplished with Pipefy

  • By applying automation to 46% of all email communication, an enterprise saved 600 hours of work time per quarter, releasing teams from manually writing over 3,000 messages.
  • By automating 49,000 of 60,000 internal requests and integrating all processes and departments, an accounting company saved 3,5 thousand work hours in only four months.
  • By applying over 75 automation rules to support requests' workflow, a global leader in medical technology began solving requests 33% faster.
  • It was created with citizen developers in mind, and makes it easy for professionals with no technical experience to design and automate sophisticated workflows.

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