Pipefy vs. Nintex: How to Choose the Best No-Code BPM Platform for Your Business

Nintex is a Business Process Management (BPM) software vendor that develops a suite of solutions to streamline and automate workflows. Their solutions are quite popular, but there are several other BPM offerings that can achieve the same results at a lower cost and with a more gentle learning curve. 

Pipefy is one such offering. It was created with citizen developers in mind, and makes it easy for professionals with no technical experience to design and automate sophisticated workflows. So if you’re looking for a tool to boost your team’s productivity and improve your company’s results, here are a few reasons why Pipefy is the best Nintex alternative for you.

What is Nintex?

Nintex is the world’s largest privately-held process automation software vendor. It offers a suite of business process management tools, including Promapp, Workflow Cloud, and K2 software. It was founded in 2005 and headquartered in Bellevue, Washington. 

What are some of the main Nintex alternatives?

Other BPM solutions that can play a similar role as Nintex are ServiceNow, Kissflow, ProcessMaker, Monday.com, and Pipefy.

Pipefy is the best Nintex alternative to companies looking for a lower-cost solution to build, automate, and integrate their processes. It allows citizen developers to use the platform to streamline even their most sophisticated workflows without any programming knowledge.

What’s the main difference between Nintex and Pipefy?

Compared to Nintex, Pipefy offers a range of advantages that may make it more attractive for businesses, particularly ones that demand the best possible cost-efficiency from their vendors. Here are some of the advantages:

  • Pricing: Pipefy offers more competitive prices, with flexible plans that also allow you to expand on the features you use more often without upgrading to a more expensive plan. Nintex’s pricing depends on a number of factors, and can be quite costly depending on your business needs, as well as not being as clear or customizable. 
  • Paid support: Pipefy offers the same level of customer support to all its customers. Nintex, on the other hand, has tiered customer support that offers limited coverage to clients from less expensive plans, which can make implementation even more challenging, especially for small, efficiency-dependent customers.
  • No-code platform: Pipefy is a truly no-code platform: citizen developers can use it to automate extremely complex processes without writing a single line of code. And experienced IT professionals can also use their skill to expand Pipefy’s capabilities. With Nintex, however, coding is required for more customization in its workflow features.
Customizable dashboards✔️✔️
Integration with other business systems✔️✔️
Simple, flexible pricing✔️✖️
Full support on all plans✔️✖️
Create fully no-code workflows✔️✖️
Made for citizen developers✔️✖️
Free to use✔️✖️
Comprehensive, single-platform solution✔️✖️

Here’s why you should go with Pipefy

No coding skills required. Even users without any knowledge of coding can create and automate sophisticated workflows using Pipefy. All of its features, from setting up processes and creating public online forms to sending out template emails and integrating with other systems, can be done in an intuitive, easy-to-use visual interface. Users who require the same level of complexity from Nintex, however, may need to learn a bit of coding to get what they need. 

Full support for all. Nintex’s customer support is separated into several tiers, and customers who pay more will find it easier to have their problems solved than users on limited plans. This can make the implementation of the new software even more time-consuming, especially for businesses that live and die on their cost-effectiveness. Pipefy offers full customer support for all its plans with exactly these customers in mind. 

Simple, accessible pricing. Pipefy allows you to start small with its free-to-use plan, and can also grow at the speed of your business. Its pricing is split into three plans, but customers can also acquire more access to the features they use the most without having to upgrade. It is more accessible than Nintex in terms of pricing, with the added benefit of simplicity: Nintex’s pricing can often be confusing and leave businesses wondering what they’re being charged for.

One app, many solutions. While Pipefy is a single cloud-based application with everything you need to manage and automate all your business processes, Nintex’s solution is split among different apps: Promapp, Workflow Cloud, K2Software, and so on. This separation can make it harder for you to find what you need, and can also make it more confusing for businesses to correctly estimate how much implementing Nintex’s platform will cost.

Built for everyone from the ground up. Pipefy was created with citizen developers in mind. This not only means it can be used without knowledge of programming, but also that its focus is on being intuitive and easy to learn, with a huge knowledge base and community behind it. This means implementation and time-to-value are much shorter than with other solutions such as Nintex, which may require knowledge of JavaScript or SQL to be used to their fullest extent.

Here’s what our clients have accomplished with Pipefy

  • By applying automation to 46% of all email communication, an enterprise saved 600 hours of work time per quarter, releasing teams from manually writing over 3,000 messages.
  • By automating 49,000 of 60,000 internal requests and integrating all processes and departments, an accounting company saved 3,5 thousand work hours in only four months.
  • By applying over 75 automation rules to support requests’ workflow, a global leader in medical technology began solving requests 33% faster.

It was created with citizen developers in mind, and makes it easy for professionals with no technical experience to design and automate sophisticated workflows.

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